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The Quiz Maker: Designing an Effective Online Corporate Assessment Test

The Quiz Maker: Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Corporate Training Module 

The e-learning technology has transcended beyond the paradigms of academic discipline. Organizations and the corporate sector, too, are leveraging the technology to train their employees. With the help of an online training program, an organization can conveniently equip its workforce with the necessary skills and knowledge to prepare them for on-job challenges. As such, it is important that a comprehensive online assessment test is designed to measure the effectiveness of the imparted training. The assessment test further helps an organization: 


  • To make changes to the existing training program if the measured outcomes are not favorable.
  • To measure the ROI of the training program, a strong indicator of the effectiveness of any deployed project. 


This is “The Quiz Maker” blogging series and today we would be helping our readers in designing an effective online corporate assessment test. If you want to learn more about the designing strategies of different types of other online quizzes that form the part of corporate sector, you can click here(“The Quiz Maker: Developing a Viral Marketing Quiz”)or visit this link(“The Quiz Maker: Designing an HR Personality Quiz”).

Integrate Different Assessment Requirements in Your Test

When designing a corporate assessment test on an online exam software, it is important to keep in mind that the training goals vary with every department and every group. Not everyone would have been trained for the acquisition of same skill set or for the same attribute. Therefore, your online assessment test should also be tailored individually to evaluate the objectives that were identified for an individual, a group or a department. 

Be Clear and Concise

The contents of a corporate assessment test should be structured concisely. The sentences should be short, the objective should be clear. This isn’t a five hour long test and neither the employers can afford that their employees spend hours of their otherwise productive day, on answering long confusing questions. If the content is not clear or concise, it can further invite frustration in employees which can force them to commit errors.    

A good strategy would be to construct an MCQ-based assessment. You can use online exam software to help you design a MCQs test in which you can incorporate different types of questions—from true-false variants to multiple answer MCQs.

Integrate Questions That Promote Authentic Assessment

Authentic assessment is a type of assessment in which employees use their newly acquired information and skills to find solution to on-job problems. To evaluate the true effectiveness of a training module, it is important that the assessment test contains questions that promote authentic assessment. 

One way of doing that is through video based MCQs, a feature that you can easily find in a good online exam software. Through these types of question you can present a real life problem, illustrated through the video and then ask questions related to it. This is a very useful strategy as opposed to wording the problem statement, which may not present a comprehensive description of the issue at hand.  

An online corporate assessment test should neatly tie in with the objectives of the training module to shape up a program that is not only comprehensive but also effective for an organization. Now that you know the basic elements that make up an effective online corporate assessment test, you can give it a go.   

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