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Coming up with a great Supply Chain Quiz for University Level

How to come up with a Great Quiz on Supply Chain for your University Class

Supply chain has become a field of choice for many students, and as such, it has increasingly become more important in this era of multi-national corporations. Even university courses for the subject are highly technical and call for more rigorous testing. Quizzes are one way to evaluate how well your students have grasped the key takeaways from your lectures.

Here are some of the ways to make your supply chain quiz a great one.

Include Real world Examples

When making a supply chain quiz, you should note that real world examples that you taught to your class in relation to a specific concept would help them develop a better understanding of it. For example, when talking about the coordinated assembly line, you can mention Henry Ford and how he implemented this concept. Testing this knowledge in the form of a quiz, prepared by quiz software, serves no real purpose for the course itself. However, it may allow the  the students to go back and think about whatever they read in relation to the coordinated assembly line and remember the concepts. This allows them to connect the dots and remember the concept more effectively down the road.

Exercise the option of using Rich Text Boxes and Pictures

When preparing a quiz through a quiz maker, you can choose to have questions that use rich text and images that stimulate the students’ minds to think creatively. The short answers they come up with will reflect their understanding of the concept. An added measure of evaluating answers based on certain keywords relevant to the concept is also a good idea. It will provide the necessary metrics for marking the question accordingly. Some concepts are best simulated through diagrams which you use to explain certain concepts. Pictures are stimulating and invoke the thought process. So it is only fitting to incorporate pictures and diagrams in your quizzes, even if they are multiple choice questions made through quiz software.

Make the quiz shareable after administering it

Shareability is the next best thing after the primary intent of the quiz has been accomplished. Once the quiz has been completed by your class, you can share it to your social media page if you have one, or on the site of your quiz software. The goal remains the same, to spread the wealth of knowledge. People in your circle and others who come through by way of organic traffic will be able to make the most out of the quiz you shared. They may be college or university professors who can use the test as a reference or their own class quizzes.


Social sharing is quite the phenomenon when it comes to gaining credibility and recognition as well. Sharing the quiz you made can also increase engagement from other students as it maks it easier for them to go back to the quiz and test what they have learnt. This become more fun if you can shuffle questions and values in the quiz. 

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