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How to Engage your Audience with Web Quizzes

The power of the social media tool is being harnessed as we speak. Individuals and businesses alike are making themselves known in the world. With the huge amount of content on the web, it’s difficult to find something unique to appeal to your audience. A recent trend that has spiked is to make a quiz that relates to the audience to generate traffic.

How can Quizzes be used to engage your audience?

Use the lower attention span narrative to your advantage

A study regarding the attention spans of humans was done and found that back in 2013 the average adult attention span was less than that of a gold fish at 8 seconds. Technology was to blame. We say don’t let this statistic hold your business back. Instead, use it to your advantage. You need to have engaging content that allows your target audience to come to you and ask who you are and what you do. Quizzes have taken off and are showing no visible signs of stopping. Maybe that’s your answer. Customize and make a quiz in line with your core message and make it relatable and identifiable with a certain niche of individuals who are like minded. They are your target audience.  

Make your Content Addicting

Content will only be addicting if it is convenient for the users and provides them infotainment value. A quiz creator can make a quiz easily and set it up for results. Various brands are using quizzes to engage their audience. And people are finding  quizzes engaging, exciting, and an easy to use method of consuming content. For instance personality quizzes are popular and inform people things like what they have in common with famous personalities, etc. What’s more, social media sites like Facebook hold users’ interactions, voice and actions in high regard. The more interesting and addicting the content is, the higher the number of shares and the more likely it is that organic traffic will be generated automatically.

Find out more about your Target Audience

Quizzes that can easily be made by a quiz creator and can help your business understand your target audience better. Facebook instant articles or FIA, have engaging content in the form of quizzes and polls to attract audiences. It doesn’t prove to be a hassle for the audience as the quizzes and content published is attractive and convenient for them. They can easily scroll through their newsfeed. Through quizzes, you can generate leads by leaving mandatory fields for the user’s details.

Find New Opportunities and Ways to Make sales


Whoever heard of something so ridiculous! Quizzes were just supposed to be something that could, at most, help you know which Harry Potter or Frozen Character you are. That’s it. How could it generate sales? Well, that’s up to how creative you get with your quizzes results page. When you make a quiz and allow users to take it, the end result page is where the journey culminates. It doesn’t have to end there, however. You just have to get creative. Promote your products and services through exclusive discounts or match your product lines to the profile of the user. They had a need and you fulfilled it, and in the process, you gained a customer. Retention strategies can be put in place from there onwards.

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