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Why Creating Quizzes Builds Online Following for Businesses

Online quizzes have been around for a long time (in the tech and social media world). And they’re definitely not going away any time soon. Audience engagement seems like a pretty vague term but it’s crucial for the success of every business. When the content you dish out strikes the right chord with your target audience, they put their energies interacting with you. Quizzes seem to mesmerize audiences across the board. Quizzes have proven to be a good generator of high quality leads for the business. But why is that so. We are here to find that out.

Some Important Reasons why Quizzes Build an Online Following

1. It puts you on the map, engaging your audience with immersive content

The internet is a wonderful space where you can easily break geographic boundaries. Individuals go online to buy what they want from whom they want in a matter of clicks and taps. There is a hidden opportunity in this. It also presents cutthroat competition, with many businesses offering “me-too” products.

Organic SEO is the most important set of tools that helps you beat the competition by increasing your online discovery and subsequent following. By making a quiz that helps you attract your target audience, you are helping boost your online visibility by creating immersive content. Quizzes are the popular thing these days and you are surely increasing your online viewership by using quizzes. Such quizzes can be made easily by way of a quiz creator.

2. Increases Brand Reach

Quizzes that you can create from any quiz software can allow you to distinguish yourself from the others in the market. You’re still jumping on the band wagon, but you have added your own persona to it. You have made your quiz unique to your business personality, giving you the desired edge over competitors. The modern day business is simply not utilitarian anymore; it is teeming and buzzing with life, just waiting for its voice to be heard. If your audience has the same ideals as you, chances are you’re your products will be more appealing to them.

3. You can call your following to Action

Quizzes can provide you with a platform where you can start promoting your products once the audience gets to know who you are. It is a continuous learning curve when it comes to learning about your audience. Each and every time, you get to learn key insights that allow you to develop your business’s augmented message according to the needs of your target audience. According to the learning instrument aptly named learning style questionnaire there are 4 distinct learner types:

  • those who learn by doing (activists)
  • those who learn from observing and reflecting (reflectors)
  • those who learn from associating one event with another (theorists)
  • those who learn from their experiences involving informed decisions (pragmatics)


Your audience may consist of all these types of learners so you can come up with quizzes that cater to the different types of learning.

You can direct the users to action by letting them sign up for your newsletter, your product or simply another quiz. This allows you to start off a relationship with the customers and if they like what they see on your website in terms of quizzes and the products as well as your website’s UX (user experience) will be some of the deciding factors for your customer’s return (loyalty) to your business.

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