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What does using Online Testing Software mean for Academia and Business

Online testing software is becoming more and more prevalent in businesses and academia alike. It is an environment friendly alternative to conventional paper testing. A study of 1231 tests, that included online and paper based tests, concluded that it may be possible that online tests will replace paper based conventional testing to evaluate a student’s extent of knowledge and understanding.

What used to be the case — The Post eTest Era

There used to be so much effort n the teacher’s part in making the tests: hand writing them on white or blackboards. Then they would distribute the papers to students and upon collecting those tests they would have to go through loads of handwriting to understand and mark the papers and manually record those results. This was inefficient and online testing software makes the job of teachers easier now.

Even business had the tedious job that was similar in some ways to teachers and that they had to evaluate potential new hires based on written tests. MCQs were still better but checking would be very time intensive. A Test creator has taken the place of many of these tedious processes and is helping businesses focus on more pressing issues like generating profits and marketing.

How online testing software makes it easier

Now, you simply have a gigantic pool of questions that you can easily select using a test creator. Those questions will appear in the test which will be taken online. This eliminates the need for having tons of paper to cycle through, and also with the appearance of test centers, these tests can be administered easily and effectively by businesses. The candidates just have to appear at the test centers, take the tests and get instant evaluation on the tests by intermittent feedback during it.

On the Spot Results

Some online testing software go the extra mile and display the results of the test at the end as a percentage. Worded feedback is also provided sometimes so candidates know exactly whether they stand a chance to move to the next level of the hiring process. It eliminates the need for businesses to issue the results separately as the candidates are evaluated on the spot.

DIY Courses and Training

Other than hiring tests for training and sensitive workplace issues such as sexual harassment or compliance tests can also be made easily on a test creator. It can easily verify that the employees are up to date with the latest skills in the industry. Training and testing of potential candidates can be done by a test creator used by HR. It can evaluate whether the candidate possesses a certain skill-set that is required by the company for a certain position.

Remote, Online Tests

Even for teachers it provides ease of testing their students’ knowledge. Whether it is a summative of formative test, the test creator will make it easy for the teacher to make the tests for students and allow them to make the most out of available content. Remote testing from anywhere can happen as the teachers can develop the test using a test creator on their mobile in their home, car or office. The tests can be automatically graded as the answers are already there in the system. The automatic tally of answers and grading saves time and effort of teachers so they can concentrate on providing better teaching quality.

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