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3 Reasons why Tablets are revolutionizing the Classroom

Gone are the days when students used to bring those heavy backpacks loaded with books that would strain their miniscule bodies. In this modern day and age, what could potentially be a distraction has become a revolutionary way of learning.

There are a number of apps, 2.8 million in March 2017 to be more precise, that are available on the Google Play Store. Sure there are different categories, from entertainment to lifestyle to transport, but there are educational apps as well that can be used in the classroom for better learning.

Here are some of the reasons why tablets are revolutionizing the classroom.

They are cost Effective

If you inspect the tablet closely, it doesn’t seem like much, but it offers so much in a small and convenient package. There are many books that need to be bought time and again and at increased prices. Editions may change and the bookstores may not have the latest edition available.

With a tablet, this can be avoided. They are a one-time investment that only needs back-end financial support from the administration of the schools. With connectivity to the internet, there is no need to have paper for quizzes. Quiz software can easily be used by the teacher to make the quiz and administer it online to the class. All the necessary textbooks are available online and can be stored in the device for future reference

They are extremely easy to use

They’re so easy, even a toddler can use them. In a classroom scenario, just a few taps and the lesson is ready to begin. The teacher wants to hold a surprise quiz in the next class? No problem. The teacher can just take out the tab and visit a quiz maker website and easily make a quiz in 15-20 minutes.

As far as monitoring the students goes, there are techniques which allow the teacher to prevent cheating. They can randomize questions and disallow the use of the internet during the time period of the quiz. They may also impose a time limit on the quiz and exiting the quiz creator may warrant disqualification from the quiz.

Continuously updated knowledge bank

There are so many eBooks for courses that can be bought online easily and stored on the tablet without the issue of space. The systems like LMS (learning management and SAKAI etc.) can allow books to be stored on cloud for easy retrieval.

There is always enough inbuilt space in tablets that can store countless course books even if cloud-based systems are not used. Other than that, the internet is full of continuously updated information pertaining to the topic being taught in class and all that is needed are the right keywords for the information to be accessed.

Personalized learning

All students are not equal in both, the speed of their learning and the learning style best suited for them. Some are fast at learning and adopting, and some are relatively slow. It is the duty of the teacher to make sure that each and every student’s learning needs are addressed.

The teacher can evaluate the interests of students during introductory classes to tailor their approach of teaching and testing. For smaller grades like elementary, the students may be invited to play interactive games on tablets in order to learn.


For testing of middle-school students, quiz software can be used to prepare quizzes to find out their level of understanding of the subject being taught.

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