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How to prepare for college entrance exams

College entrance exams can be daunting, but you should understand that attempting these exams are no different from the exams you have attended throughout your educational career. It does vary in the fact that it is a standardized aptitude test. It will test your verbal, analytical, and writing skills. Just think of it as an in-depth IQ tests that measure your potential to perform well in college. Though just like every other exam, it pays to go in for them prepared.

Entrance exams also mean you might get yourself scholarships. So, do treat the tests with the importance they deserve. Get some tips from collegeboard.org.

Common Entrance Tests:

1.       PSAT (Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test)

2.       SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test)

3.       ACT (American College Test)

4.       TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)

Don’t go for the unknown

Familiarize yourself with these exams. Do not go into the blue without taking everything along with you. Work with your high school, they should have courses and options available. Make sure you request your reports, so you can get feedback on your exams, and then work on the areas where you know you are weak. Don’t worry yourself about the tests too much either, it comes around 7 times every year.

If you don’t see yourself prepared, don’t go for the attempt, although that only applies if you are not in a hurry to apply for the year. Do some research on how hard are the SATs?  Once you understand what you are heading into, you’re on the right track.

Organize yourself

Organize yourself and your study sessions, it’s better than running around trying to get things done.  Space out study sessions, and leave time for breaks. This way you are making room for yourself getting more covered and faster.  Take tips from those who have gone through exam attempts and involve them in your own studies. You might get off with a golden tip or advice you just cannot find anywhere else.

Use everything available

Attempt old exams or use innovative tools for a next generation learning experience. One such tool is online testing software to prepare for these exams. These are one way to get yourself ready for the actual test attempt. Remember you have the option of choosing from the SAT and ACT, and you have to decide which test is good for you. If you run out of practice papers, using online testing software is a good idea. While we are on the subject of ‘everything’, don’t neglect your diet either.

The day of the test

When performing the test, make sure to go in without stress calling shotgun with you. Stress was never your friend during preparation and it’s not going to help you now.  Read instruction and questions carefully. Do not be afraid to skip question during your attempts. This is especially important for SAT tests as they penalize you for incorrect guesses on answers. Make every second count and make your attempt more efficient.



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