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Why students fail exams

Exams came around and you did not do so well. You struggled during your study period, and now that they have gone by, you’re struggling again, repeating the mistakes you made before. There are some mistakes you don’t even know you are making. Let’s talk about some of these and we might help you do better in your studies. Why do students fail exams? This is a topic that has been debated on, talked about among scholarly circles, and has been a subject of many research studies.  

1.     Teaching at school

Sometimes, it’s your previous learning that’s the problem. Students who have been badly taught in their earlier years tend to exhibit their poor learning capacity during later years in life. These students dedicate time to their studies but are unable to absorb information, and thus, end up failing. We recommend these students be forthcoming about their problems to parent/guardians, teachers, or counselors.

2.     Poor exam planning

This one is relevant to those who have a tendency to cram information, particularly on the last nights before the exam. Plan for your exam instead of cramming, space out your study sessions between the time allotted, and do dedicate time for taking breaks. This should keep you motivated to keep up with the work and test your information retention ability.

3.     Exam tension and stress

You might be one of the students who are unable to perform due to the stress attributed to exams. Students might become anxious, and unable to recall information. These students need to take steps to empower themselves, to bring out their best on the exam day. Do approach counselors and guardians, seek guidance about your situation, and let them help you out. Try using online Exam software that can boost your performance.

4.     Preference to work alone

If you have not delivered your best in an exam, consider your personal study routine as a source of your problems. Working with peers and/or finding additional help with tutors and coaches is going to propel you far. Your peers can instill a competitive spirit in approaching your exams, while providing an opportunity to compare and contrast performances. Tuitions can help break deadlocks in your studies and provide you with easy approaches to the more difficult conundrums you might encounter.

5.     Self esteem

Sometimes, you feel that you’re unable to tackle and take on life’s challenges. Although it might be true to some extent that you are behind other people, but do not think that this is because you are less capable than them. This can be simply because you did not figured out your own study patterns, preferred habits, and even life style choices. Others might be ahead but you can always sum up your performance by working alongside them and see how you compare.

6.     Using educational tools

We are well into the 21st century and you should really try bucking up your game by using every tool at your disposal. Using educational tools such as online exam software is a smart way of approaching your studies. These should certainly give you a knack at tackling exams and help in preparation. Teachers can always use these to help their students.


In conclusion, do not let a failed or poor examination attempt get you down, rather, use it as an opportunity to learn and develop yourself.



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