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The purpose of exams and testing

Tests and exams are used to evaluate and assess students and other candidates. Exams test abilities and development, their growth and progress for a certain study curriculum, module or position. Examinations are usually conducted on paper but you may even be tasted orally or on a computer. Examinations on paper are the most common for their ability to test you on a wide variety of topics and points while at the same time recording them.


The first exams in recorded history were the imperial examinations held by the Chinese in 605 AD. The examination was conducted to select individuals for government positions. It was no small exam, being conducted nationwide standardized entrance exams. The system was successful and it was conducted up to modern times until it was abolished by the Qing dynasty in 1905. Among nations, England replicated this system pioneered by the Chinese. Examinations were held in 1806 by the British for Her Majesty’s Civil service, from there on it was applied to the education system and began to become the global standard.

The purpose of exams

The primary purpose of exams is to test how much students have learnt over the course of their studies, results are then used to judge student competence and prowess. Students are assigned grades that divide them into percentile groups and demonstrate their accomplishment.

 Once examinations are complete, schools, employers, and organizations have an understanding of a examinee’s abilities. This provides a basis for comparison with other students or candidates and allows the selection or recognition of the most competent and accomplished among those who have undergone tests.

Testing may be done at the beginning of a course to judge student strengths and weaknesses. Each student’s learning regimen can then be tailored to their individual needs. Exams promote a lot of competition among students and entrees, and this is highly desirable for examiners as it only promotes a positive spirit of contest that pushes candidates to bring their best to the table.

What reduces effectiveness

Sometimes examinations are abused by the educational system, in that students are prepared simply to pass exams. Where students understand less about the implications of their study material and also principles of what they are being taught and instead are trained in shortcuts (by predicting the patterns of the exam) for the final examination seating. Still, this does not completely diminish the testing ability of exams, as the questions will be randomized from the provided course. Try using study tools such as quiz makers that improve your effectiveness for examinations.

Study tools


 Examinations will remain the best way to assess student performance and this means that working for them efficiently can be done with the use of study tools at your disposal.  A great many tools have been developed to aid students in preparation for their exams. One tool that can help is a quiz maker, you can work it in to your study routine to easily test your personal progress. Teacher can use it for testing students.

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