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Cramming before an exam is a bad idea.

Cramming is an unfortunate practice students resort to as an exam gets closer or, in some cases, even the night before the exam. It is the process of attempting to take in (or absorb) large amounts of information in a short time, and then trying to remember it when you are sitting for a test or exam. It isn’t an effective way of studying as it leads to poor learning and minimal long term retention of the concepts and subject matter which was meant to be taught. Most students, unfortunately, seem to think it still has its benefits.

The practice is linked to the ugly habit of procrastination. You do not give your work its due importance and as a result try to cram it all in at the last minute.  Do not fall for the awful tendency of leaving things for the next day. Have a dedicated time for studies squeezed into your daily schedule.

The practice of cramming has mixed results

Cramming does not give results. Instead, it just jumbles up your memory and mixes up new information with the old. Trying to understand topics by cramming is a difficult task, and you will only stress yourself by doing so.

There is, however, a good side to cramming as well. This is particularly limited to the time when students simply try to iron out the information they already have a sound grasp of right before an exam. What you try to do is work out the kinks in your memory by reviewing the core of your study material. Simply put, this kind of cramming can be referred to as revising what you have already learnt.

The importance of studying

A BBC article says that 99% of students admit to cramming. It is a sad truth of today’s students, because what cramming acts as a shortcut to get a good exam grade. What these students fail to realize is that learning and gaining knowledge should be the real objective. The entire purpose of the learning process is to progress and positively impact the aptitude of mankind as we advance in this age, and students who cram fail this very purpose. Students need to prioritize and understand the importance of studying and truly understanding with it is that’s being taught to them.

Approach your studies in a better way

The recommended way of studying is spacing out your study sessions over the duration of your semester or available study time. This allows you to understand everything that was taught during the duration of the semester, and allows ample time for breaks that are effective and beneficial for your productive potential. Try to keep in mind that you only have limited time available and that your course is asking you a certain number of things, not everything. Try using tools such as examination software that help you understand the testing pattern of your subject and course.

Get more tools to complement your studies.


Getting your routine together works wonders for effective learning. Try working with tools available such as mock or practice exams. You can also get help online and use examination software to increase your preparation exponentially. If you are a teacher, these tools and software are great recommendations for your students.

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