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Top 5 SAT Exam Preparation Pitfalls

SAT exams are a reality for most students. Despite a number of criticisms about the effectiveness of the test in measuring a student's scholastic aptitude, the fact is that most students have no other option than to take a test for securing admission in college.

SAT tests are not easy. You need to prepare well for the exam. Here we have listed five mistakes that you should avoid when preparing for the college entrance exam.

Mistake 1. Not Using Free Available Resources

A number of students ignore the free resources that are available at their school. Most high schools have helpful test preparation resources for the students. Some teachers also have access to learning materials. They can at least point you in the right direction in preparing for the exam. Avoid shying away from these resources as they can boost your chances of acing the exam. A few extra hours after school can go a long way in ensuring that you pass the exam with good grades.

Mistake 2. Thinking that Resources are Only for Weak Students

Another common mistake that most students make when studying for the SAT exam is that they think that seeking help is only for the weak students. If you also think along the same lines, it will reduce your chances of securing a high score. You need to think of test preparation resources as a way to train your mind. It's similar to an athlete practicing for the big day. Preparation is the key if you want to obtain the best possible results. Using resources to prepare for the exam is not an acceptance of defeat. Instead it will pave for your success.

Mistake #3. Not Practicing Online

One of the best ways to gauge your skills is to take a mock test. Instead of taking an online exam, you should consider creating a test using an online exam software. Use the test maker to write questions that are present in the study guide. You can set time limit to create exam like conditions. Since SAT exams are conducted online, using an online test creator will help you to better prepare for the exam.

Mistake #4. Not Addressing the Weaknesses

SAT tests evaluate a wide range of skills. Many students fail to identify the strong areas when preparing for the exam. This results in poor performance during the actual test. It's vital that you know about your weak areas when preparing for the exam. Are you weak in math? Is reading or vocabulary your weak point? Whatever the weak areas are, you should focus on addressing them through private tutoring or enrolling in a preparatory course.

Mistake #5. Being Overconfident


Lastly, you should not overestimate your skills when preparing for the SAT test. Even if you have always obtained A grades, you still need to prepare for the test. SAT environment is different than school tests. Without preparation, you won't be able to get a good score. Having good scores during school exams don't always translate into high SAT scores. Preparation and practice is the key that can help you to ace the exam. 

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