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Quiz Maker Tips & Strategies | Our 5 Essential Tips

Quizzes can be used for various purposes, such as assessing student’s knowledge of a topic, evaluating employees’ aptitude, conducting surveys, or just for fun. The word “quiz” has always been associated either with learning, market research, or an engaging, fun activity.

If you are an educator, you have likely  scheduled quizzes as part of your courses. If you’re an employer, engaging the participants at the end of a meeting through a productive quiz is a good method for gauging attentiveness and participation. Moreover, pub quizzes are also a fun, leisurely activity that allows pubs and bars to hold a “trivia night” in order to engage with and attract new customers.

Whatever the purpose of the quiz, there are certain fundamental things that should be kept in mind while creating it.

Know the objective

As a quiz maker, you must be fully aware of your objective. Ask yourself, what is the purpose of the quiz? What do you want to achieve with it? What benefit does it offer to the participants? Is it for educational purpose, for marketing, or just for fun? Once you’re clear on your objective, you can begin the procedure of making a quiz without going beyond the scope and keeping things simple and relevant.

Know your target audience

A fundamental part of being a good quiz maker is knowing your target audience. What type of people will be taking your quiz? What background do they come from? What age group do they belong to? What will be their average intellectual level, what are they looking to achieve at the end of the quiz?

This is very important because you want to make a quiz that does not disengage any of the participants at any point.

Research the topic

A little bit of research never hurt anyone. Researching the topic allows you to come up with more profound and productive questions. Just as a quiz maker assesses the audience through quiz, the audience can also assess the quiz maker by looking at the questions.

Research is particularly important when you’re creating a quiz for marketing purpose. Look out for the questions that are generally asked in the industry, what some typical answers may be, and what significant results yielded from previous quizzes. 

Design Questions Smartly

An ideal quiz has something for everyone. Be as creative with the questions as you can, but do not complicate them. Following are the basic guidelines for questions:

?     Keep the initial questions simple and easy to comprehend.

?     Choose which types of questions are best suited for your purpose, such as MCQs, fill in the blanks, cross-linking, etc.

?     Use images whenever possible.

?     The last few questions must be intended to reach some kind of conclusion.

Use Technology

Do not shy away from using technology and going digital with your quizzes. There are quiz  platforms available that provide you with creative tools to help you efficiently design a quiz.

An online quiz maker makes everything easier for both the evaluator as well as the participants. It eliminates paperwork and allows you to easily incorporate different attractive formats of questions and generate automated or customized feedback on every answer. An online quiz maker also saves a lot of time and effort.


While quizzes can be intended for different purposes, a certain amount of thought and effort goes into making them. You should be able to make a quiz easily and efficiently by keeping the above mentioned tips in mind. 

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