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Online Exam Software and Self Testing

All of us have different study habits with specific routines that we think work best for us. While there is no scientific study that has studied all the study techniques, one study method that has constantly proved effective is self-testing using a quiz maker.

Various studies have empirically proved the 'testing effect' whereby individuals that take practice tests were found to have improved memory. There is mounting evidence that taking mock tests or 'retrieval practice' was helpful in improving the odds of getting it right during the actual test. Students who use online exam software to make a quiz and test their knowledge have a better chance of retaining information for the actual test.

Findings of the Study Results about Self Testing

A group of researchers had studied two groups consisting of 200 undergraduates. It was found that the students who took practice test showed superior performance. They performed better in different memory related tasks such as cue, associative, and target.

The tests are widely considered to be the means rather than the ends. In other words, it is still necessary to go over the study materials. However, taking a test made using online quiz maker greatly increased the chances of performing better during the actual test.

Practice tests can help us to know how much study material you have understood. They also help in improving long-term memory. This makes them the ideal learning technique for memorizing facts and other memory related information. This is why using an online exam software to make a quiz produces better overall test results.

Effective Ways to Make a Quiz Using a Test Maker

Making an effective quiz requires some effective techniques. According to Dr. Christine Harrington who offers different tips for self-testing in her book Student Success in College: Doing What Works!, there are three effective ways that students can take a self-test.

        Take a quiz- You can take any standard test related to your course material. You will find self-test at the end of the chapter. Also, you can search for online tests related to your subject.  Some book publishers also provide links to online quizzes or quiz maker websites.

        Use index cards -You can use index cards that are portable and easy. You can write self-test questions on the index card as you study the material. Also, you can use digital flashcards such as Flashcard Machine.

        Make your own quiz - An effective way to test your understanding of the course material is to make a quiz using an online quiz maker. You can make different types of questions such as MCQs, True and False, and essay questions.


Self-testing is a great way to improve the odds of acing your test. While investing time and effort studying the course material is important, self-testing will boost the chances that you will perform well in the test. You can find resources online to easily make and take a test, such as online exam software. The effort will be worth it in the end as you will improve the chances of performing well in the test. 

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