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Quiz Maker and Ideal Study Time

Adopting a healthy study routine is important if you want to ensure that you do well in the exam. One of the long-standing debates when it comes to effective study habits is whether it's better to study during the day or night.

Each side has its own advocates who will explain why it's better to study during a particular time period. In order to get the facts straight, we have scoured the net to find out what is, in fact, the best time to study.

Regardless of when you study, it is always smart to acquire other good study habits like eating healthy, staying rested, and using a quiz maker to test your knowledge.

The Case for Studying During the Day

Studying during the day is a good choice for most people. The reason is that the mind is not tired as is the case at the end of the day. During the day, you can study without relying on the indoor lighting. The bright light of the sun is actually good for the eyes.

Studies have shown that the sun is the best optometrist. Sunlight provides the perfect spectrum of light that is essential to maintaining optimal eyesight. Researchers have also shown that it works on the pituitary gland to make you feel alert and awake. In short, we are hardwired to perform at our peak during the day as compared to the night. It is best to study and use a quiz maker to test your knowledge when your mind is at its best.

Indoor lighting has shown to disturb the sleep cycle. People who spend time awake during the night are more likely to develop sleep problems such as insomnia. What's more, it increases the risk of developing eye problems including myopia, which is increasingly becoming common in the US.

The Case for Studying During the Night

While daytime is naturally the best time to study, there are certain individuals that are more alert during the night. Also known as the night-owls, these individuals perform at their peak after the sunset. These types of individuals may benefit more from using a quiz maker at night because their mind is more active.  In fact, there are a lot of famous persons who were habitual night owls including Winston Churchill, Carl Jung, JRR Tolkien, and Gustave Flaubert.

The most obvious advantage of studying during the night is peace and quiet. This creates the perfect environment for some people for studying. A number of stories tell of creative geniuses who found the 'spark' during the night.


In the end, you should remember that there is no one answer when it comes to the best time to study. Each person has different preferred time period. Some people learn the best during the day while others learn the best after the sunset. You should find the best time period when you feel mentally fresh, and designate it as your preferred study period.

Whatever the best study periods, you should make sure that you practice effective study habits like taking self-tests using quiz maker software, and reviewing study materials. This is more important when it comes to performing well in the exam that will greatly boost your chances of acing the tests.



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