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Using Effective Study Habits and A Quiz Creator

Effective study habits can help increase the odds of performing well in exams. Contrary to common perception, the key to passing tests is not studying long hours or cramming. You will be able to perform well in tests by adopting effective study habits. It also helps to spend extra time using a quiz creator to go over the things you have studied.

Effective study habits can be learned that can help improve your ability to better learn the concepts and retain important information. Things like resting properly, eating healthy, and doing regular knowledge checks with online testing software are all effective additions to studying correctly. Here are three study tips that have proven to provide effective results.

1. Use Your Own Style of Learning

Dr. Howard Gardner, professor of Education at the Hayward University, had introduced the theory of multiple intelligences. According the theory, there are different ways by which students express their learning. Some of ways in which students can express their information include logical-mathematics, spatial-visual, verbal linguistic, bodily kinesthetic, interpersonal, naturalistic, and intrapersonal. It's important that you find out what is your learning style develop a study technique based on it. If you don't what's your style of learning, you can use online testing software here to determine what it is.

2. Regularly Review the Study Material

Period review of the study material is important to commit facts to long-term memory. This is much more effective than cramming that is only useful for putting information into short-term memory that you will forget later on. Stop occasionally and use a quiz creator to test what you have learned so far. This will help you to perform well during the exam.

The optimal number of reviews varies. Some people are able to commit facts to their long-term memory after only second review, while others need to review the study material at least seven times to memorize the facts.

        Ideally, you should conduct the first review the day after learning the material for the first time

        The second review should be done about three days after the initial review

        The third review should be done about a week after the second review

        The fourth review should be done about two weeks after the third review

        The fifth review should done be after a month of the fourth review

        The sixth review should be done about 45 days after the fifth review

        The seventh review should be done about two months after the sixth review

In this way, you will be able to easily memorize the study material, and permanently ingrain the material in your memory. In between reviews, trying using online testing software to see how much of the information you have retained.

3. Designate a Particular Study Spot

You should dedicate a particular spot for learning. This can be anywhere such as your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or even a local park. Find out what's the best study location for you. Some people enjoy studying at a quiet spot, while others can't study unless they are around people. Whichever place suits you best, you should try to make it a habit of studying at the particular spot.

The above are the three most effective study habits that can help you to easily learn the study material. Also, you should consider taking a self-test of the study material. You can use online testing software to create a test. Studies have shown that taking self-test such as by using a quiz creator can help boost memory and comprehension that will allow you to do well in exams.




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