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Online Exam Software And More Online SAT Resources

Standardized tests are valued by most competitive colleges. High test scores pave the way for students to a bright academic future. The test scores also indirectly affect career prospects. So, it pays that you start preparing for the college entrance test as early as possible. Practicing using online exam software is a good place to start.

Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is the most popular college entrance test. The good thing is that there are a lot of online resources that provide tips, sample tests, and explanations of answers. Some of the online resources also contain video lectures as well as examination software to test your knowledge. We have scoured the net and prepared a list of five best online resources that can help you to prepare well for the SAT exam.

1. College Board

College Board is owned by the makers of SAT. You can find a lot of test preparation materials absolutely for free. The online resource will be valuable for anyone who wants to prepare well for SAT tests. Similar study materials and examination software will cost about $350 plus, making this an invaluable online resource for students.

2. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is another free online resource that can help students prepare for the SAT test. The website contains review videos that help students prepare for the test. You can also find online exam software for practice tests, helpful hints, and diagnostic quizzes. The online platform will help you to increase your knowledge and perform well on the standardized test.

3. PrepScholar

PrepScholar provides in-depth information about the different sections of the standardized test. You will find out exactly what questions are asked in the Writing, Reading, Math, and Essay sections. Also, you will learn about how the standardized test is scored. You can take a diagnostic test using online exam software, and read detailed explanation to answers. One year access to the online course costs $397.

4. Mometrix Test Prep

Another great online resource is the Mometrix Test Preparation website. The website contains links to SAT guides. You can also find a large collection of SAT test prep videos. Access to these videos doesn’t cost anything and no log-in is required.

5. McGraw-Hill Education

The McGraw-Hill Education Practice Plus site contains 5 full-length practice tests that are absolutely free. You won't have to pay anything to download the practice tests or use the examination software. The practice test includes an explanation for each question. The site also contains links to books that you can purchase for less than $20.

The above online resources can prove invaluable when preparing for a SAT exam. Students with ambitious aspirations should not overlook the importance of the standardized test. You should also consider making a mock test using an online examination software. Making a quiz using an online exam software will allow you to test your knowledge, and know where you stand. Self-testing in this way will increase the odds of securing a high score in the SAT test.



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