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5 Reasons You Should Switch to Online Examination Softwares

Examinations are a way of evaluating the degree of knowledge the candidate possesses in a particular subject. Examinations are conducted in various walks of life; most of us associate it with education, ranging from primary school to universities. However, it is also extensively used for recruitment in businesses, corporate settings, and employee training. Putting in long hours to create exam papers, then invigilating the examinations to ensure no funny business takes place, and finally having to get down and check the lengthy papers word by word are the three gruesomely indispensable steps involved in any examination process. Be it teachers, recruiters or corporate trainers - they can all resonate with the extensive process.

Online examinations are a new emerging trend that is becoming widely implemented in various organizations. In fact, most teachers claim it increases their efficacy to carry out the examination process. Such web-based exam softwares are now available for all examiners to use. The online exams have encapsulated all three major aspects of the examination process. Examiners can create the exam online which is to be kept entirely secure until the exam starts. The need to physically supervise the exams is also replaced with several anti-cheating measures such as using webcams and blocking copy/paste commands etc., adding transparency to the process. Finally, checking exams is also automated, based on the parameters the examiner has set for a particular exam. Whether you’re designing quizzes, tests or exams, here are 5 reasons you should consider online examination software over the traditional method.

1. Security: Any leakage of exam paper before commencement time will compromise the value and credibility of the exam. Examination softwares securely locks away your designed exam in a data base that is inaccessible to anyone but authorized personnel, thereby maintaining the confidentiality of the process and allowing the examiner to create the exam in a safe environment.

2.Easy Accessibility: Eliminating the need for candidates to travel to a particular venue, the online software must be easy to access by both, examiner and candidate. All that’s required is a computer and an internet connection. It is ideal for the software to require low bandwidth. A flexible online exam software can allow the examiner to present the exam in different languages for students in different places on various subjects.

3. Reduced Cost: Shifting to online examination softwares can save you the cost of paper, copying, invigilation, and checking! These costs can often be a hindrance and switching to an online format can be especially favorable for organizations experiencing cost-related difficulties.

4. Saving time: Creating question papers, registering candidates, checking papers, and giving out results can be laborious and time consuming tasks that can be simplified with an online examination software. Such an automated system eradicates the extensive manual input.

5. Statistical analysis: Layers of data that includes the time taken, information about the candidate, scoring, and previous results are available in online examination softwares which can be retrieved with ease to create reports that require mathematical calculation and analysis. For instance, students’ yearly reports can be created automatically with the access to every single one of the quizzes and exams that they have taken throughout the year. 

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