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Quiz Software & Exercise to Boost Exam Scores

Quiz Software & Exercise to Boost Exam Scores

A lot of research has been done that shows that exercise does not just prevent obesity-related disease, but it actually helps students perform better on exams as well. Read more to find out how exercise and quiz software can help boost your exam scores.

Exercise and Academic Performance

A lot of research has been done that links exercise with better cognitive skills. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), exercise can have an impact on academic behavior, attitudes, and cognitive skills. All of these are critical components of taking and acing exams.

A study published in the journal Health Psychology had found that children who regularly exercise had increased brain activity. It also showed that the exercise resulted in improved academic performance. Exercising regularly enhances the mental functioning of the children and that leads to an improved educational outcome.

Another published study found evidence that aerobic exercises like playing, running, and walking, as well as using quiz software, before a test led to increased academic performance. The physically active children scored better on the tests as compared to their sedentary counterparts.

Lastly, a group of researchers studied the academic performance of students who participated in a 12-week aerobic running program. The students performed 30-minute aerobic exercise three times a week. The results show that the students’ performance including creative skills improved when they carried on physical exercises.

How to Exercise Your Way to Success

In order to be successful in exams, you should have good cognitive skills. Studies prove that exercise can help improve your cognitive skills. When it comes to boosting academic performance, aerobic exercises yield the best results. The exercises stimulate and strengthen the heart and lung muscles which results in an improved capacity of your body to utilize oxygen. This ultimately improves cognitive skills that lead to better grades.

Simple aerobic exercises that you can perform easily without much difficulty include:





        Using cardio machines


Taking part in aerobic 'cardio' classes is another way you can boost your cognitive skills. Aerobic classes combine stretching and strength training exercises with rhythmic exercises. Performing these exercises increases muscular strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness.


Exercise is a great way to boost your cognitive skills. Within weeks of exercising, you will start to feel more alert and have better concentration.

Apart from exercise, you should not forget other techniques for improved grades such as regular practice using a quiz software, making notes, and eating the right food that will boost your mental health. Exercise will complement your other strategies for improved academic performance.


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