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SAT Math Problems & Online Testing Software

SAT Math Problems & Online Testing Software

A lot of the problem-solving questions on the SAT are difficult. Here are five tips that will help you to prepare well for the math section of the SAT.

1. Simplify

Larger numbers can be very intimidating in math questions. Many times, you can make it less frightening by simplifying the number. For instance, you can take 1,000,000 down to 1,000 and then solve the problem.

2. Understand Weird Definitions

The men and women who create the SAT will not make every question easy to solve. Often times, they will use tricky terms to throw you off as you are testing. This is why we recommend using online testing software to become more familiar with the methods SAT examiners use to throw you off.

3. Practice Math Problems

You will find a lot of SAT math problem questions online. Aim for a perfect score when solving the problems. You should practice often and understand every mistake that you make. Understanding the mistakes will allow you to improve your math skills and perform well during the actual test.

4. Learn Different Math Skills

SAT exam will contain different types of math questions. If you are comfortable in solving algebra questions, you will be happy to note that algebra questions take up the bulk of the test. However, there are also other types of questions that you should become comfortable with solving.

The types of math problems on the SAT are:

        Function notation


        Dividing polynomials

        Absolute value


        Complex numbers

        Lines and angles

        Solid geometry

        Equations with nonlinear equations

        Experimental interpretation

 5. Take a Test

Lastly, you should take a test using online testing software. Studies have shown that self-testing improves memory. When you take a self-test, you will be able to better understand your mistakes and improve your math skills.

Following the above tips can help you to do well in the math section of the SAT test. The most important thing is that you take time to practice. The more you practice, the better you will be in solving math questions.


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