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Essay Writing and Online Exam Software

Essay Writing and Online Exam Software

Essay writing is not a required part of the SAT, however you can increase your score if you attempt the essay question. You are given a passage and then are expected to use information from that passage to support a specific argument. While some may view this as a simple task, others struggle with that style of writing.

Here are some tips that will help you to draft an essay that will get you good marks.

1. Check Sample Essays

You should search for sample SAT essays online or consider using online exam software. A lot of sites provide free samples of essays included in the exam. Some sites also provide tips on how to answer the questions. You can read about both excellent and poor construction of the responses to get an idea of how to formulate your own response.

2. Summarize the Main Point

Summarizing the main point of your essay in both the introduction and conclusion will ensure that you stay on topic through your writing. This method is something that SAT examiners will be looking for when grading your essay.

3. Create a Cohesive Response

Make sure that your response is cohesive. The introduction should establish the main idea. Subsequent paragraphs should elaborate on the main idea. The last paragraph should conclude the central theme of the essay. You can always use online exam software to help you practice writing your response properly.

4. Build Your Vocabulary

Building your vocabulary is a great way to impress those grading your essay. Many writers have a tendency to repeat the same words over and over again. If you have a variety of words in your vocabulary, your essay will sound much less repetitive.

5. Know How to Develop an Argument

Examiners look for the ability of the student to develop an argument. They will be looking for proper use of words to convey a point. Your writing should be focused on developing an idea and effectively conveying those thoughts.

Lastly, you should use an online exam software to make a quiz. Online quiz software will allow you to create a simulated environment for the test. You should use the software to time the responses to online sample essays. This will help in creating a more real-life simulation of the actual test.


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