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Use a Test Maker & Other Tips to Pass the CPA Exam


Use a Test Maker to Pass the CPA Exam on Your First Try

People with an accounting degree or certificate have a bright future ahead. It is expected that accounting jobs will increase by 10 percent in the next decade. A CPA is the best certificate to expand the options and potential for those looking to have a career in accounting.

Here we will take a look at five tips that will help you to ace the CPA exam on the first attempt.

1. Practice

You should get exposure to the exam format by attempting the CPA practice exam. The questions on the practice test are based on actual CPA exams. You can also you an online test maker to test your knowledge of what you have already studied.

2. Understand the Exam Format

Make sure that you know about the CPA exam format. This will save you extra mental energy required to figure out the exam pattern during the actual exam, and you can focus on solving the questions.

The CPA exam consists of three parts. Each part contains about 100 to 125 questions that you need to complete in around two and a half hours. The questions are all multiple choice and are weighted equally. Some of the questions will be easy while the other will be tricky and conceptual. However, if you have prepared well for the exam, you will find no difficulty in solving the problems.

3. Create Notes

When preparing for the exam, you should use a test maker to practice and make a note of the most challenging questions. Also, you should note down important concepts relating to the exam that you read online. Consider using a digital organizer to keep track of all the notes.

4. Read the Questions Carefully

You need to properly understand the question before attempting to solve the problem. You should read the questions carefully and understand what is being asked before attempting to answer the question.

5. Take Self-Tests

Use an online exam software to test your internal auditor knowledge. Online test makers allow you to create a timed test similar to the CPA exam. Taking self-tests will also allow you to track your progress and make improvements.

Passing the CPA exam is not easy. You will need to be vigilant in studying and practicing for the test. However, the reward of a bright career is worth all of the hard work.



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