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Make a Quiz to Memorize Physics Laws & Formulas | Exam Testing

Make a Quiz to Memorize Physics Laws & Formulas

Learning formulas and laws in physics is one of the most difficult tasks. Memorizing formulas takes time and effort. You need to apply effective learning techniques to imprint formulas in your long-term memory. Here we will present tried-and-tested techniques that will allow you to learn Physics laws and formulas and make a quiz to test your knowledge.

Use Mnemonic Technique

Using Mnemonic technique is one effective way to commit formulas and facts to memory. Certain math and physics mnemonics have been around for a long time. For instance, 'WORK makes me MAD' is the mnemonic for a Physics formula. Here MAD stands for 'mass, acceleration, and distance'. Other popular mnemonics for Physics formulas include the following.

        Gas Law = Pure Virgins Never Really Tire (Pressure x Volume =nRT)

        Ohm's Law = Virgins Are Rare (Voltage=Amps x Resistance)

        Electromagnetic Waves = Roman Men Invented Very Unusual X-Ray Guns (Radio waves, Microwave, Inverted waves, visible light, Ultraviolet, X-Rays, Gamma rays)

        Rainbow colors = ROYof Great Britain Is Vile (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet)

        Microwave frequency bands = "King Xerxes Can Seduce Lovely princesses" (K-band, X-band, C-band, S-band, L-band)

You can come up with mnemonics of other formulas using this technique. It is an effective way for memorizing and recalling Physics formulas when you a make a quiz to test yourself.

Divide the Formulas

Another important tip for learning Physics formulas is to divide a formula into parts. This will help in understanding the formulas. When you understand the formula, chances are you will be able to recall it more easily.

Association and Imagination

Yet another effective technique is association and imagination. For instance, to remember Newton's Second Law of Force, you can imagine walking up to an object shaped like an F, and find Ma written on top. Similarly, you can remember Einstein's Law of Energy by imagining (E)instein (m)oonwalking and eating two (c)akes (E=mc2). The more weird the association, the better you will be able to recall the formula.

Make a Quiz

You can also learn the Physics formulas by making a quiz using an online test maker. A study by scholars at the Washington University found that self-testing has a powerful effect on the long-term memory. The results of the study that were published in the journal Psychological Science imply that taking (and retaking) self-tests using a quiz software can help in committing information to memory.

Using the above techniques along with using online testing software to make a quiz and test your knowledge will have Physics laws and formulas committed to your memory easier than you may realize.

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