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How to Help Students Develop Critical Thinking Skills

Critical thinking skills are important for students. The skill will help students later in their academic and professional lives. As a teacher, you should look for ways to develop this important skill among students. But first, let's clarify what exactly is meant by critical thinking skills.

Critical thinking refers to systematically and consciously processing information in order to make a decision or understand something better. Thinking critically involves formulating innovative ideas, personal opinion, and drawing convolution. Here are some strategies that can help students learn this critical skill in the classroom.

Ask a Question

You should start each class by posing a question to students. You can create a riddle or present a real or hypothetical case. Students can write answers and submit at the end of the class. This will help improve critical thinking skills of students.

Ask Students to Take Sides

Another strategy to promote critical thinking skills in the classroom is to ask students to take sides or opposing views regarding a topic. Ask them whether they agree or disagree with a statement, and also why. This will result in engaging discussion and debate in the classroom thereby promoting critical thinking skills.

Let Them be Creative

One of the most effective ways to improve student's critical thinking ability is by allowing them to be creative in class. Let them engage in creative activities such as painting. You can ask them to project their thinking regarding a specific topic.

Foster Deep Learning

Teachers need to encourage deep learning through investigation, immersion, and demonstration. They need to encourage students to ask questions, synthesize information, and develop solutions. Students should critically analyze every topic and communicate their opinions and criticisms. They should be allowed to inquire about topics that they find interesting.

Teachers should allow students to probe deeper and discover innovative solutions. They should be allowed to ask open-ended questions, encourage debates, and collaboration to work out solutions to problems.

Use of Digital Tools

Students should be allowed to use smartphones, digital tablets, and other devices to search for information online. They should be allowed to use online test creator and quizzes to test their learning and comprehension. The 21st-century classroom should incorporate tools that allow students to research and find problems themselves. This will increase confidence in learning and promote critical thinking ability.

Role Play

Role playing is yet another effective way to promote critical thinking ability. Students can come up with fictional scenarios and work their way to solve an issue. They should assume a fictional role and come up with ideas to address problems.

Critical thinking help promote learning and results in an increased mental development of students. Teachers should help students to develop this critical skill in class. This can result in optimum learning and development of students in the classroom.

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