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How to Help Students Transition to Middle School

An important point in the lifetime of learning of students is the transition to middle school. Teachers should make sure that elementary school students develop the right studying skills that will help them succeed in middle school.

Here are some tips that can help teachers prepare elementary class students for middle school.

1. Scheduling Skills

Students will be required to write down everything in middle school. They are expected to do write in the planners at the end of each day. Teachers can teach students as young as 1st grade what to write in the planners. This can help students be better prepared for what is required as they transition to middle school.

2. Encourage Reading

You must encourage kids to read at school and at the home. Help students read longer books by breaking down into a specific number of pages-per-night. This skill will prove invaluable when students enter middle school. Tell them about effective reading habits such as how they can highlight important points using a highlighter. The reading skills learned in elementary class will prove helpful during middle school and beyond.

3. Inform Student about Effective Study Skills

Students should know how to study effectively. They should be taught about how to prepare notes after studying. Many students transition to the middle school without knowing about study skills that can help them prepare for exams. They need to be taught how to prepare for weekly tests.

Consider teaching them different ways to study so that students can determine which is the best one for them. Whether it's playing educational games to strengthen the topic, preparing flashcards, or using an online test creator or quiz maker, students should be taught about different study techniques that results in maximum learning.

4. Let Them Know the Disciplinary Policies

Elementary students should also be taught about disciplinary habits in the school. They should be taught rules and acceptable behavior. The students should also be taught about the consequences for not conforming to rules such as dress codes, student behavior, acceptable language, and use of electronic devices.

Many schools have specific policies about vandalism, attendance, fighting, bullying, weapons, and cheating. These should be communicated to the students. Students should also know what actions they can take in case they are a victim of school bullying.

5. Encourage Good Organization Skills

Organization skills will prove invaluable both in academic and personal life. Teachers should encourage kids to remain organized. They should teach students how to use digital organizational tools such as Google Calendar. Also, the students should be taught about time management skills and how to prioritize tasks.

The above skills will help students transition from elementary to middle school. This will lay the foundation that will allow them to achieve success in academic and personal life.

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