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Importance of Technology in the Classroom

Many teachers reprimand students for using tablets or smartphones in the classroom. However, instead of censuring students for using technology in the classroom, they should be encouraging their use for improved learning.

Incorporating technology in the teaching style can have positive results. If you are fearful of embracing technology and exploring its many applications, you will certainly change your mind after reading out its benefits in the classroom.

1. Improved Student Engagement

Teaching should be a two-way communication. Students should actively participate in the classroom. Without student engagement, there will be no effective learning. With the use of technology, student engagement can increase resulting in enhanced learning.

If you are an elementary school teacher, you can tell your students to use AudioBoom online app to record themselves reading a book. This will help kids in improving different factors such as speed, intonation, pitch, accuracy, and others.

2. Measure Learning and Comprehension

At the start of each class, you can take a quick quiz made using an online test creator. This will help you to gauge existing knowledge of students. It will also help students to find out what areas they need to focus on during the lecture. You should then set the same quiz at the end of the class to evaluate their learning.

3. Increased Retention Rates

Studies have shown that students retain information better when technology is involved. One study had examined students in second grade make a digital presentation about a topic in the class. Around 89 percent of students were able to retain more facts after making the presentation. This means that if you let students make presentation in the class, it will lead to increased learning.

4. Develop Digital Skills

Children who are allowed to use technology in the classroom will be able to develop digital skills. They will know how to find information online. Also, they will learn how to find educational apps line. In this way the students will improve their online research skills that will prove helpful later in life.

5. Supplement Textbook Material

The fact is that teaching through textbooks alone is the most ineffective way to teach. This does not result in effective learning. Technology can make teaching highly interactive. Instead of telling students about the Battle of Leipzig or Waterloo, history teachers can show them what happened with a video animation.

Incorporating technology can result in more effective learning. Students will have access to most up-to-date information online. Using technology can supplement the textbook material resulting in more effective learning.

In the end, technology can help make learning more interactive, engaging and fun. Students will not be bored in the class when teachers let them use electronic devices such as tablets and smartphones. This will result in more effective teaching and provide maximum benefits -- both to teachers and students.

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