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How to Save Time and Get More Done

Teachers have a lot on their plate — from planning lessons, creating tests, checking papers, to of course teaching. One thing most teachers don't focus on is effective time management techniques to make the most of their time.

Effective time management techniques will allow teachers to be more creative, devote more time to teaching, and most importantly, have more time to relax and avoid a burnout. In this post, we have listed five best time management tips that will allow you to work productively and efficiently in completing teaching tasks.

1. Prioritize your Work

You should prioritize the work using an online scheduler. Consider dividing daily tasks into three categories:

·         Important and Urgent

·         Important but not Urgent

·         Not Important

Prioritizing tasks in this way will allow you to work more effectively. It will allow you to put attention on more important tasks. This practice will help you to separate the critical from irrelevant tasks and allocate your time appropriately.

2. Post Instruction Online

Teachers often repeat instructions to students. The time spent on repeating instructions in the class can be saved by using online tools such as Google Docs or Microsoft OneDrive. You can post instructions for tests or classroom tasks online and ask students to check them regularly. This is a great way to keep everyone on the same page regarding classroom tasks.

3. Organize your Desk

Most teachers spend about half an hour looking for items on their desk. This represents wasted time that could have been better spent elsewhere. You should not let things pile up on your desk. Clearing up the clutter will help you to find items easily and also feel less stressed out.

Consider using an inbox and outbox trays for different items such as reports, assignments, permissions slips and others. When something arrives on your desk, you should deal with it as soon as possible. Also, you should consider storing files in cabinets instead of letting them pile up on your desk.

4. Use Online Quiz Creator

You should consider using an online quiz creator to make tests. This is an effective way of saving time. You can quickly make a test using online testing software. The tests can be administered and checked easily. Using an online test maker will help save time that you can dedicate to more important tasks like creating effective teaching plan.

5. Plan Lessons Online

Lastly, you should consider using planning sites such as CommonCurriculum.com to save time in planning your lessons. The online sites allow you to create lessons, develop schedules, and show the plans to your teachers — all with a few clicks of the mouse.

The above tips can help you to save time and be more effective in teaching students. The time-saving techniques will help you to have more time for crafting creating and engaging lessons for kids. This will result in enhanced learning for students and also help you excel in your teaching career.

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