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How to Help Failing Students in Class

The task of a teacher is to not just teach, but also help students to succeed. A teacher should ensure that everyone learns to the best of their capacity. The most common reason most students fail in class is not due to mental deficiency, but due to a lack of personal initiative.

Students need to be motivated and encouraged to work hard to achieve success. In this post, you will learn some tips on how to help struggling students turn the situation around and succeed in academic life.

1. Help them Discover their Talents

Schools are a place where students carry on different activities. It's a place where students can discover their hidden talents and capitalize on them. The role of a teacher is to facilitate students in the path of discovery.

Psychologist Howard Gardner had stated that every person is naturally proficient in different abilities. He had identified eight abilities that each person has in different proportions.

·         bodily-kinesthetic

·         logical-mathematical

·         musical-rhythmic

·         verbal-linguistic

·         visual-spatial

·         naturalistic

·         interpersonal

·         intrapersonal

As a teacher, you must help kids discover their natural abilities and help them gain mastery over the skills. Offer them praise in areas they are naturally talented and encourage them to work on their weak areas to ensure well-rounded development. When you help students discover their talents and recognize their weakness, they will put in the effort to overcome weakness and utilize their strengths to be successful.

2. Reward Small Success

Teachers need to reward students for achieving small goals. Rewarding small victories create a growth mindset that leads to improved results. Students will more likely make an effort and do their best when they see that their efforts are rewarded.

3. Get Parents Involved

Students spend the majority of their time at home. That's why involving parents in helping struggling students can make a significant difference. Tell them what strategies you have devised for helping the student. Ask them to make sure that the student is giving adequate time to studies. Most parents will be willing to help their kid in their studies and get good grades.

4. Remove the Fear of Failure

Some students don't make an effort to succeed due to the fear of failure. They fear that their efforts will amount to nothing, and they will still fail. As a teacher, you need to provide encouragement to kids by removing the fear of failure.

Tell them that failure is, in fact, a path to success. Inform kids that failure is an opportunity to learn and improve. The fear is something that must be overcome to succeed in academic as well as personal life. Learning how to deal with failure is a critical skill-set that will help students in both school and adult life.

Lastly, you should tell students how to use online resources to improve learning. Tell them about educational games, online test creator, quiz creator, apps, and other tools that can help them understand topics and get good grades in the class.

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