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Online Test and Quiz Maker Software vs. Manual Tests

Formatting, organizing, and distributing tests and quizzes manually is a tedious and time-consuming job for instructors. For this reason, most instructors have started to use online test and quiz maker software to generate exams for their students.

Making the decision to switch to an online test maker software is not an easy one. To help instructors make that choice, they need to compare online exam software with manual tests.

1.    Creating Questions

If you are creating a test by hand, you will have to come with several different types of questions. If you are adding a multiple-choice section to it, you will have to come with several options as well. The entire task of creating questions can take several hours.

However, if you are creating a quiz for instance, as it is short, you can still go the manual route. For tests, you should consider an online test maker software. Some of the features it might offer you include different types of pre-formatted questions such ordering, multiple choice, fill in the blanks, true of false, and more.

2.    Randomize Questions

To minimize cheating or sharing of answers before or after a test if you teach different sections, you randomize questions. You can randomize, order, and group the questions more easily on an online quiz maker than if you were to on your own. If you are creating a short quiz, one you will want your students to check in class once they are done, you can create a quiz manually.

3.    Automatic Scoring

If you have a lot of students in class or teach more than one section, checking all the tests and quizzes will take you a long time. If you want to speed up the process of checking the tests and quizzes, you can use an online exam software. An online exam software will check the tests and quizzes automatically and give you the results.

If you do not have a lot of students in class, checking the tests and quizzes manually will not take you time. You can even ask for assistance by having someone at home help you check them or have each student check each other’s test and quiz in class. For instance, an instructor who offers tuitions to a certain subject may create and check tests and quizzes manually, as they might have a few students.

4.    Added Security

To prevent the test or quiz from getting out, you can create tests on an online exam software instead. It will be password protected. You will not have to worry about anyone knowing the answers to the exam beforehand. For all the big quizzes and tests you create, you use the online software and for all small quizzes and tests you create, you can develop them manually.


In short, it depends on the type of quiz and test you want to create. You can use both methods of creating a quiz and test — online and manually. When you think it is more appropriate to use an online software to develop a test or quiz, use it and vice versa. 

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