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5 Steps Businesses Should Follow to Create Quizzes for Lead Generation

Businesses should create quizzes for lead generation. They can use a quiz software to create quizzes for their customers to take. It is essential businesses create an array of quizzes and not stop at one if they want to build their emailing list. If you operate a business and are thinking of creating a quiz via an online testing software, here are the best practices to follow to create an interactive quiz for lead generation:

Step 1:  Subject and Title of the Quiz

You need to come up with a catchy title for your quiz. If the title of your quiz does not grab the attention of your customers, they will likely not take it. For instance, you sell cosmetic products so you would make a title such as “What Type of Lipstick Shade Suits You?” You can give your customers a multiple choice quiz or a scored quiz. You can alternate between different types of answering formats and styles.

Step 2:  Questions

You need to develop questions that pertain to your business. When you develop the quiz on an online testing software, you can save the questions you create on it so you can use them for future quizzes you create. The questions you create for your quizzes need to be interesting. You can create a five to seven question quiz depending on the chosen topic of the quiz.

Step 3:  Get Leads

Once the person has completed the quiz, you need to ask them to join your emailing list by providing you with their email. You will send them several follow-up emails based on the type of results they got on the quiz they took. One effective way to make them join your emailing list is by telling them that in order to see their results, they need to provide you with their email.

Step 4:  Results

You need to write a short result for the quiz you create on the quiz software. The result should be five words or less and no more than that. If it is more than that, people are less likely to read it, unless your quiz is really interesting. However, the length of the result also depends on the type of quiz you create for your customers to take.

Step 5:  Follow-up Emails

You can provide them with a more detailed result of their quiz on their email. Request them to provide you with their email address so you can email them their detailed result. You can send them emails about your brand and other quizzes you create on the quiz software that may interest them on their email.


If you are creating quizzes to generate leads, you should create several quizzes first to check which one is the most effective in helping you build your emailing list. Once you get the hang of creating quizzes, you will not find the task difficult and see it benefit you in the long run.

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