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The Different Types of Online English Tests Recruiters Can Give Potential Candidates

Recruiters should give potential candidates an online English test to test their language skills. They can give them a series of English tests, which they can develop on an online testing software. The examination software will allow them to select from different answering styles.

Why Do Recruiters Test Their Candidates?

Recruiters test their candidates to eliminate the risk and protect and their fees. Recruiters want to recruit good candidates that can refer to businesses to employ them. By testing them via an examination software, it allows them to understand their true capability of succeeding in a certain job role.

By assessing their English language skills, it informs them that the candidate as the required skills to follow and understand instructions and deliver results. Since their clients are businesses, it is pertinent that they tell their clients that they have a dependable online skills testing system in place that they use to find good candidates. To do so, they give them online English tests.

If you want to ensure the potential candidates you select have impeccable English language skills, you can give them the following types of tests that test a variety of their English skills:

·         Grammar and Vocabulary Skills

You can test their grammar and vocabulary skills by developing a test on an examination software in where you give them a multiple choice section. On the online test, you can give them an extensive part on grammar and vocabulary. Since you will be giving this test to several candidates, you can consider getting an online testing software that allows you to create several accounts.

·         Writing Skills

It is important you hire a person who has basic writing skills at least. You do not want them to make a mistake while writing that can end up costing you down the line. However, you do not need an online testing software for this section of the test, as you can give them a topic, which they can write about on Word and save it on the computer for you to check it later on.

·         Reading and Listening Skills

You can make questions based on the audio they will be hearing to answer the questions. You can make the questions on an examination software. Their answers to the given questions will allow you to assess their listening, comprehension, and apprehension skills.

·         Communication Skill

For this section of the test, you will not need to use an online testing software, as you can test their speaking and communication ability during the interview. You can ask them certain questions that allow you to assess if they are right for the position you are offering.

Apart from testing their grammar, vocabulary, writing, reading and listening, and communication skills, you can also test their analytical skills, which they can create online, depending on what the job entails.

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