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5 Types of Online Personality Tests to Give Candidates before Hiring Them

Other than qualifications, skills, and job experience, companies should also consider the candidate’s personality. The candidate’s personality also plays a key role in the hiring process, as it informs the company if they are suitable for the position and if they would fit in with their culture.

Companies can use the aid of an online examination software to create a personality test. Before they use the test creator software to create a personality test, companies need to determine which type of personality test they want to develop and offer candidates.

To help you out, here are five types of personality tests your company can consider creating and administering on an online examination software:

1.    The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator asks the candidate several types of questions. The candidate has to choose between two answers. There are two different versions of this test depending on where you company is based.

If your company is based in Europe, you need to create 88 questions on the test creator and if you are based in North America, you need to create 93 questions. The results of this personality test will determine what type of person they are in the following areas:

1.       Extrovert or Introvert

2.       Sensing or Intuition

3.       Thinking or Feeling

4.       Judging or Perceiving

2.    Open-ended Questions

In the personality test, you can list some open-ended questions for the candidate to answer such as how would their friends describe them, do they like to socialize outside of work, what are they passionate about, and so on. You will need to tailor the questioned based on the type of person you are looking to hire for the job.

3.    The Caliper Profile

You will ask each candidate to read several different types of statements and ask them which statement they agree with the most. This type of personality test determines if they have the skilled required for the position. It will evaluate them in areas such as empathy, assertiveness, thoroughness, and more.

4.    The Gallup Profile

This personality test will determine the strengths of the person instead of their weaknesses. Through this personality test, you will find out the different areas your candidate might be good at while on the job.

5.    Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire

This test determines the sixteen personality traits. Since this personality test has 170 questions to determine these traits, you should rely on developing this test on a test creator software, as it will save you time.


If you want to make the right choice when it comes to selecting and hiring a candidate for the open position in your company, you need to develop one or more of these tests depending on extensive your hiring process is. You need someone on your team who can assess the results of these tests and make a good hiring decision based on the results. 

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