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Why Make a Quiz on Online Testing Software as a Teacher for School-Going Students.

The role of tests and quizzes created with online testing software in modern-day learning is difficult to ignore. They are effective tools in providing the classroom with a more robust learning environment that is mutually beneficial for the teachers as well as students.

When you make a quiz for your students using online testing software, it allows you to reap many advantages.

An Element of Uniqueness in Your Tests

Quizzes, created with the help of an online testing software, allow you to add a touch of uniqueness to them. The order of quiz questions can be randomized so that it becomes a more effective way of evaluating a student’s performance.

If you make a quiz and distributed it earlier, a student may memorize the order in which they answered it. They may even have cheated. If the student answered purely based on memory, this randomization will be an important step to catch that. It makes sure that the student studied for quiz test rather than base it on the way they previously answered the quiz.

If you have a more questions that you can choose from when you make a quiz, it allows you to have a greater variety of questions rather than having them repeated every time. Quizzes also allow you to prepare the students for the work they may have to do in their professional lives.

Allow Students to Be Proactive with Learning

When you make a quiz for your students after delivering course content using an online testing software, your students can usually get results almost instantly after they take the quiz. If they were not paying attention in class, it would reflect on the quiz and you could give them corrective feedback regarding what they need to do.

But if they are serious about learning in class, it will also allow them to see where they are lacking and put greater effort into improving themselves. This way, you are essentially making your students more proactive in class. This can even help them become self-starters later on in life, a trait that holds many advantages.

Make a Positive Impact on the Environment

There is a lot of paper wastage that goes on in classes when you have to handle physical copies of quizzes that you bring to class. And you have to check those quizzes separately. If you opted to make a quiz using online testing software, you will be saving on paper wastage and playing your role in improving the environment.

Environmental impact plays a key role in modern day schools, with the number of people in schools growing and people coming up with different methods of saving valuable natural resources.

Engaging the Students Better


When you make a quiz, and do so regularly, you are allowing your students to manage their time and their curriculum so that they learn diligently and are prepared for the tests to come. Plus, when you hold quizzes as classroom activities, you are allowing brighter students to develop a sense of giving back and helping other students, while nurturing teamwork: a trait very important for the future professional environments.

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