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Reasons Why Online Quizzes Should be Used for Practice in Schools?

Practice quizzes allow students to develop their lower-level thinking abilities to a higher degree. There are numerous advantages and reasons to use a quiz for practice using online exam software.

Students can think and recall discussions from the class by practice tests. The activities done in class can be practiced with online quizzes prepared with online exam software, leaving more time for the class to concentrate on cognitive higher thinking activities and exercises.

Here are the reasons why practice quizzes should be used in classes

1.   Prepares Students for the Real Thing

When a quiz is administered by a teacher for practice using a quiz creator, students don’t have to worry about answering incorrectly and feel bad when they get things wrong.

The negative connotation of embarrassment is no longer attached with giving the test because no other student will find out if they did badly on the quiz. This helps the student prepare for the real tests when they have to perform to get good grades.

2.   Goal Oriented Quizzes

The practice quizzes can be created, using online exam software, keeping some of the classroom learning goals in mind and they can be a great way to cover learning goals that the students might have missed. For instance, quizzes can be created to help students taking Spanish or French to correct their accents and pronunciations of different words.

For instance, they may learn from taking a French quiz that you have to roll your “r’s” in French words. Similarly, for English, students can understand differences between analogies and metaphors.

3.   Immediate Feedback

In regular tests, students typically have to wait a period of around 24-48 hours before they get back results. This slows down the learning process and makes it less efficient. With the option of having an online exam software, the tests created can be geared to give instant feedback, making the learning process more efficient and time-effective.

The software analyses the results and informs the students about what they answered wrong. This allows them to hear immediate feedback and strengthen their knowledge about the topic they answered wrong on. The need to wait is eliminated. The answer is explained by the teacher through the online testing software that allows the student to learn more from the test. The quiz creator plays a strong role in formative assessment of students in this way.

4.   Overcome Learning Gaps Easily

Taking from the previous point, the teacher shows what the student may have done wrong in the test through the quiz creator. The student can get the improvement strategy they can use from each question they answered wrong. This is very helpful if the classroom consists of many students and only one teacher.

The teacher may not have the time to go around checking everyone’s problems individually and that’s where a quiz creator helps.


The students can see ways to improve and not just feel bad about being wrong with practice quizzes made with quiz creators. They aren’t afraid to make mistakes and overcome learning gaps easily through making those mistakes and using the feedback they get from those mistakes.

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