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Why Should You Stop Making Exams on Paper

The world has switched to computers and other forms of digital technology so why are you lagging behind? Do you still use traditional forms of creating an exam for your students? Traditional forms include using pen and paper.

Don’t you know that you can replace the traditional form of creating and giving the exam with an online exam software? Apart from the education industry, several other industries have also gone on to adopt an online examination software.

However, it is important you understand why people to this day still use paper to give exams and the advantages of switching to using an online exam software.

Why Do Some Industries Still Use Paper to Give Exams?

People have been using paper to create and give exams for ages. Considered a tried and tested format for exams, paper is one format that you can depend on. If giving exams on paper works, why should educational institutions switch to an online exam software?

One of the main reasons why people do not switch to an examination software is because there is a chance they will run into technical and hardware difficulties. Having to purchase a separate device for each student is also an issue they face.

You need to upgrade devices with time, resulting in another obstacle for organizations. One way to save money on not having to upgrade devices is to ask each student to bring their own devices and provide them with an active internet connection.

However, even then you will run into a few challenges such as managing different devices and operating systems. Connectivity issues and ensuring you have working electrical sockets will be another issue you will run into.

There is a way to overcome these issues. For instance, you can invest in an exam software you can run offline. You should always remember that not all examination software is alike. You have to sift through several before you find the right one. An online exam software considered ideal to use for organizations should give educators the ability to select from different types of question and answer formats such as fill in the blanks and multiple choice.

The Advantages of Using an Online Exam Software Are Far More Than the Issues

One of the biggest advantages of using an examination software is that it optimizes workflow and decreases consumption of paper. You save money, as you cut costs by spending less on buying paper. The delivery and collection of paper also becomes more efficient.


You also do not have to worry about the paper leaking to students, as it is protected behind a secure password, only accessed by a few people in the administration. It also limits the communication between students as well as possible cheating among them, as a teacher can better monitor each student in the room taking the exam. However, you do not have to make a complete switch, but can have a combination of both paper exams and online exams.

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