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Why is Pre-Testing Employees Important for Companies?

It is very important to test the employees before offering them a job in your company, or even entertaining them for an interview. Examination allows the company to screen the best candidates for the job, something which even interviews and resumes might fail to do so. Since 78% of resumes have some sort of false information and interviews don’t really help narrow down the capability of the candidate in relation to the job, examinations matter.

Pre-testing Employees

Companies can benefit a lot if they work online exam software into their hiring process. It can take up to 45 days to hire a candidate without testing, which is a huge waste of company resources. Testing saves a lot of money and time for the company, as it helps reduce the duration for the selection process.

If proper testing is done, then an individual who can handle the job responsibilities will be hired. This will eventually have an influence on the motivation levels of the employees, as well as turnover.

If the company uses online testing software, they can also declare that their hiring process is completely objective and validated. This will protect the company in terms of legal issues, as well as hire the best candidate without bias.

Key Issues and Solutions

There can be a few issues with this testing method that a company needs to consider before choosing examination as a standard for the hiring process.

The first issue is the validity of the test. The exam needs to be designed to actually measure the true criteria needed to predict the future success in the job. Based on the test, the management needs to be able to highlight individuals who will do a good job at work.

To counter these issues, the company needs to choose the right online exam software. This examination software will allow the employer to design a suitable test for the job vacancy. The software will enable the company to ask a variety of question which can relate back to the job being offered.

You can also design all kinds of testing through examination software like personality tests, talent assessment, English proficiency testing, and many more. The software allows the right kind of testing for every job, which increases validity.

Most companies often face reliability issues when it comes to the consistency of the test scores. The test needs to be reliable or else it will have little value over time and will not be able to predict job performance of the employee.

To counter this issue, there is a simple solution. The test needs to be checked by an objective metric which can be achieved if the company invests in online exam software. Such software comes with an objective test score calculating system that speeds up the process while giving objective results.



Every company strives to be efficient and the hiring process of any company can be simplified with the addition of technology. Vetting each potential candidate can be a very effective way of hiring candidates; however, to have a completely valid and reliable testing method, it is better to invest in online testing software.

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