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Why Use Resources Like Quiz Software

Using quiz software entails a number of advantages. We will look at some of the main reasons that encourage users to participate in quiz software as opposed to written ones below:

Large Number

Using quiz software enables examiners to test multiple individuals contemporaneously. For example, if an institution like a university is conducting an admission test, they may be encouraged to use quiz software and not orchestrate a written exam. Such a practice has become quite prevalent with the passage of time.

In this case, they can incorporate a large number of candidates and carry out the testing simultaneously, without any issue. This may prove useful in cases where candidates are based in different geographical locations and are unable to attend the examination in a specific site.

If candidates are spread out, the process of conducting an examination becomes facile and enables the participation of more candidates. Employing a quiz software also eliminates the expenses attached to the administration of a paper based exam, such as extensive printing, scoring and collection. An automated marking system only augments the convenience.

Randomization is Easy

The act of randomization becomes increasingly more facile when using quiz software. For instance, using such a mechanism allows examiners to create a question bank and randomize the questions in the test. Similarly, the answers can also be randomized as well. Any attempt to manage these variables in a hard copy quiz can be considerably tiresome.

Availability of Insight

Another advantage of using quiz software is accessibility to immediate test results. While traditional testing involves the need to collect exam sheets, deliver these to examiners and then awaiting the validation process, this can be done away with entirely when using software.

Therefore, conventional testing and subsequent verification does not provide instantaneous results. As soon as participants complete their examination, the quiz software can be used to calculate the marks they obtain.

The results are available to examiners and in some cases; the participant’s marks are tabulated and displayed on their screen mere moments after they submit their exam. This is possible when candidates are undertaking a multiple choice questions type examination.

This facility makes it incredibly easy for the creator of the exam to identify the gaps in knowledge. It also allows candidates to discern what section of the exam they scored lower marks in as well.

No Instructor Needed

Yet another benefit for examiners is that they do not need to recruit individuals and task them with invigilating the examination while it is under process. A quiz software or online testing resource entails that the exam is virtual in nature, which means candidates can take them without the specific need for another individual to act as a proctor.


This is not possible when it comes to paper based testing. Any student or employee who has ever given a written exam, whether it was in a class room or at their potential office knows that they are observed carefully before, during and after they have undertaken the examination.

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