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Ways to make a virtual learning environment more interactive

Traditional classrooms and learning spaces are intrinsically more interactive. Students there are in direct communication with each other and instructors. In addition, the overall feel of the physical environment makes the experience more organic and interactive.

In contrast, such characteristics are not present in online learning classes. There is no doubt that learning has become more convenient with the ubiquity of the Internet. However, it has also begotten the issue of poor interaction. Many online learning platforms don’t succeed in continuing their operations because of poor student engagement, a feature dependent on the level of interaction.

Online educational and learning programs can streamline their operations by increasing the quotient of interaction. Let’s have a look at different means to make a virtual learning space more interactive.

Set up a Robust Feedback Mechanism

If you want learners to remain engaged with your program, then set up a two-way communication through feedbacks. Provide participants an option to give their feedback on the content of the given course and the quality of conducted quizzes. It would also help you in improving the material of the offered courses and picking the right quiz software.

Likewise, give feedback on their performance. There are some online testing software applications that allow you to do a performance evaluation of the participants.  Bear in mind, it is important to convince learners that they are not just engaging with the machine. For that active and customized feedback, a robust mechanism can surely help.

Make a Flexible Course Layout

In traditional learning spaces, people are required to follow the course outline from start to finish. But you are not bound to apply similar rules in online learning protocols. So, give learners the option to select the topics on their own, which they consider relevant to their field and work. Conferring more authority to learners in picking the things they want to learn will help in increasing their interest and engagement, which will eventually make the whole learning process more interactive.

Conduct Quizzes on Regular Basis

There is no convention to have a single exam at the end of an online course. To ensure, you are engaging with the students throughout the course, interact with them through regular quizzes. You can conduct a weekly quiz to ensure learners are not losing interest. To conduct tests on such higher frequency, you can use the services of online quiz software that come cheap. They are also easy-to-use for both instructors and learners.

Encourage Students to Contribute

Set up a contribution section on your educational portal where students can share their notes and tips with each other. Not only will it help in developing a significant body of learning materials, but it will also promote interaction among the students. You can incentivize students to make such contributions through achievement certificates and prizes.


As you can see, establishing an interactive online learning portal is not an unworkable task. By taking up the above-discussed measures, you can have your learners more engaged and interactive throughout the length of an online course.

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