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3 Brands that Used Online Quizzes in Their Marketing Strategy

Using quizzes for online marketing has slowly been growing because it has a lot to offer in terms of engagement and the results they have to produce. As an interactive tool, quizzes are extremely versatile. They aren’t just useful because of the way Buzzfeed utilizes them. When used in a marketing strategy, they can create links, boost growth of the customer base and are also used to help to make your products appear more intuitive for the users.

On the other hand, many businesses don’t realize the role of quizzes for online marketing or how they can help to create profits with ease. For them, even the cost of a quiz creator is not justified because they are unaware of how quizzes can be effectively used. A good way to highlight the usability of quizzes for online marketing is by looking at brands that have made use of them in their marketing strategy:

1.     Brandeis University

Counted among the top research universities in the world, BIBS - Brandeis International Business School created a simple quiz named, “Which Career is Right for You?” for their student body. With programs available for economics, finance and business management, the Brandeis International Business School made it easier for potential students to pick out courses with the quiz.

The answers of the quiz highlighted the career possibilities of students with their chosen program. Students were also matched with possible programs they can take to achieve their goals. With the help of the quiz, BIBS is able to increase enrollment and gets around 125 potential students each month with the help of the quiz.

2.     Z Gallerie

Z Gallerie is a furniture company that also keeps a focus on interior design and offering usable bespoke pieces for other designers as well. Trying to offer their users with an intuitive and personalized shopping experience, Z Gallerie created a quiz called, “What is Your Z Gallerie Personality Style?” The quiz allowed users to completely personalize their shopping experience for their current customers and generate more leads.

The results of the quiz collected information and recommended products from Z Gallerie’s inventory which matched the tastes and requirements of their users. The quiz successfully draws in around 1000 new leads daily and with a follow-up, there is a higher chance to convert them with ease.

3.     The Foundation

Specializing in providing skill development courses for entrepreneurs who have no knowledge of funding, coding or concepts of coding, the Foundation designed a simple quiz, “Do You Have an Entrepreneurial Mind?” which was based on their eBook with the same title.

While the quiz helped to generate leads, the Foundation paired it with Facebook ads, which amplified the results they were getting from the quiz. Not only were they able to successfully generate 16,000 leads, they were also able to reduce their costs by for lead generation by 48%.


Given the large amount of success that online quizzes have to offer in terms of marketing, this is one of the best, interactive tools you can have. 

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