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How Online Quizzes Can Customize Your Services for Your Consumers

Many people believe that quizzes are only meant for use for entertainment purposes only or to kill time. On the other hand, when used as a marketing tool, they can produce tangible results. Similarly, these online quizzes can also make a marked difference in how consumers see your services.

One of the biggest ways that you can do this is by offering online quizzes that simplify the process of using your services with consumers. A big example of this can be seen in the quizzes that were made by Z Gallerie, as well as the Brandeis University. Not only did both quizzes help to diffuse any confusion regarding their products and services, they also provided a consumer with a customized solution that simplified their search.

Removes Confusion

Online quizzes when used in this manner can help to get rid of a lot of confusion and hesitancy that a client might have when approaching a business. By making the process easier, simpler and more tailored to meet the client’s needs, you can easily maximize the overall number of sales you have as well.

When it comes to Brandeis University, they functioned by simplifying the process and reducing much of the stress that new students face when they are searching for the right program for their career goals. The quiz matched them with possible programs they can join as well as the possible career options that they can have on this basis.

Improves Customer Leads

The possible leads you generate with the help of online quizzes are also more than you would think. Keeping the example of Brandeis University in mind, they are able to get at least 125 potential students with the help of their quizzes. Another business that made use of online quizzes to generate leads was the Kickstarter company, Elephant Pants.

Elephant Pants quiz matched their consumers with the right pants and linked back to their Kickstarter page. This not only allowed them to get funding for their products but also to build a solid foundation for their startups. They also got a following of consumers and tangible leads for their products and their future offerings.

Gives them Options

Sometimes, a business’s products might also be making someone apprehensive in picking products. To not only make it simpler to sift through your inventory and to find the right products, you can make an online quiz. Birchbox launched a quiz called, Find Your Face Mask Soul Mate in One Minute,” that allowed their consumers to find the right products based on their skin types and skin goals at the moment.


The quiz connected users with personalized suggestions based on the answers they gave in the quiz. It not only allowed Birchbox to offer a unique user experience, they were also able to experience more growth because of the customized solutions they were offering to their users. It also improved customer interaction with the business and helped to set them apart from other beauty brands as well.

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