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2 Major Things You Should Focus on When You Want to Make a Quiz for Interaction

When it comes to interacting with their target audience, many businesses do not focus on using quizzes for interaction. When businesses think of interaction, a large number of their content is limited to their social media posts. Whether it is comments, likes or follows, they usually miss out a large component which is quizzes.

Quizzes are the simplest and easiest forms of interactive content and they play a big role in improving interaction with the target market. Unfortunately, many people don’t want to make a quiz as they don’t see the benefits that they have to offer. Moreover, quiz maker software can be complicated as well so most people shy away from it.

On the other hand, doing this ends up isolating a large number of your target market. If you don’t think that this is much, consider the fact that in March 2017 alone, Buzzfeed made use of quizzes and engaged with around 3 million users. So, if you’re finally thinking about making a quiz, pay attention to the following:

The Quiz Should Relate To Your Product

While making a quiz is very easy, you need to make sure that they have to be related to your products in some manner. A quiz that doesn’t have this feature is going to look out of place on your website or social media pages. The good news is that you can make a quiz on almost anything. Whether you want to make quizzes which are educating your clients or you just want to engage in some light hearted humor, a quiz is a great way to make your product more interesting.

Should Have a Way to Convert Leads

Now you might be getting engagement with your target audience but how do you make it grow? By having a way in which the content links back to your product. You need to make sure that you incentive their use of the quiz.

While some businesses have an option to sign up for a newsletter or for a daily updates or some other feature, you can really offer them multiple rewards in this manner. By having a means to convert the interaction into tangible leads, you can garner better results with the help of online quizzes. This also ensures that if others share your post, you are still able to get the most out of the extra exposure that you have.


A good example of this can be seen in the way a Kickstarter brand called Elephant Pants made a fun quiz which increased product awareness as well. Their quiz was named “Which Pair of Elephant Pants are You?” The interesting part is that results of the quiz linked back to the Kickstarter page and recommended an Elephant Pant for the user to get. Interested users actually signed up and helped the brand to not only meet their Kickstarter goal, but were also able to build a target audience which allowed them to have a strong foothold in the market as they launched their product. 

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