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Why You Should Make a Quiz for Online Engagement

Online engagement is necessary for any business, particularly when they are trying to appeal to a wider target audience. While using social media posts, videos and images can garner results, one of the ways that you can also do this by choosing to use a quiz.

A lot of people often overlook this aspect. There’s usually a lot of skepticism involved since how can you make a quiz for online engagement? The answer to that question can be easily seen when you look at Buzzfeed. In fact, Buzzfeed quizzes are so popular that people will actively visit the site just to fill them in.

Moreover, they’re not based on very complex topics either. You can easily find the simplest of quizzes with intriguing titles such as “Are You a Miranda or a Carrie? Answer a Few Simple Questions to Find Out.” Even more in interesting is the fact that Buzzfeed often has quizzes which go viral.

In fact, data showed that in 2014, Buzzfeed reached out to over 170 million people in just one month. Moreover, it isn’t just Buzzfeed quizzes that are very popular. The New York Times launched a quiz for dialects and it was filled in around 2.7 million times, making it one of their highest viewed content pieces. So if you’re looking to engage with your target audience, you should definitely make a quiz.

How to Make an Engaging Quiz?

The interesting part about making an engaging quiz is that it is not very difficult at all. Look at the following tips to make your own quiz.

Have a Fun Title

Coming up with the title for the quiz is one of the easy parts for many people. If you’re getting stuck on quiz titles, take a look at the titles that Buzzfeed uses and you will see there are a number of different styles in them. For example:

·         What City Should You Actually Live In?

·         Pick Out an Outfit and We’ll Tell You How Old You Are

·         Make the Perfect Dinner and We’ll Tell You Your Best Quality

They’re all simple and actually interesting. Many people click on them simply to see if the quiz can guess their age.

Now the Questions

The questions in the quiz can be either brief and to the point or give a hypothetical situation. A good idea is to make a mock interview with someone and the possible answers they might have to them. You can either have the quiz with yes or no answers, clicking on images or, you require typing.

Make it Appealing


The hidden charm behind Buzzfeed’s quizzes is not in the layout or the questions but largely in the pictures and images they have. Always make sure that you have appealing, cute pictures in your quiz that accompany the questions and answers. The visual imagery can not only make your quiz more engaging, it also improves the chances of getting the quiz shared online and reaching out to a larger demographic audience.

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