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Online Testing Software and Measuring Professional Skills

Online tests – can they assess the professional skills of a candidate?

Many of us think they cannot. But, is it really the case?

You are in for a surprise!

Test making software have been used for many years now to evaluate candidates on their professional skills. The key here is that how effectively are you able to use these software and how well you make the test. You can easily judge candidates on the level of their professional skills if you have prepared the test the right way. You should be clear in your mind about the skills you want to evaluate and make the test accordingly. Here are some tips to help you in the process.


1.      Interactive Tests

It is very important to make tests according to the position you are trying to fill. Remember that one size does not fit all in this case. For example, you will not take just a written test for someone who is aspiring to become a pilot. For them, you will have to make a simulation test that they need to pass to be able to fly an airplane. The same goes for any profession. Choosing the right elements for the test is very important to make it effective. Interactive tests can come in handy at these times as they are able to help the recruiters find the right candidates with the skills they are looking for.


2.      Computer Adaptive Testing

Computer Adaptive Testing method works the best if you are looking for people who have the right combination of communication and technical skills needed for the job. This testing method assesses a person on both the personality and their special skills. With this test, you will be able to find someone with the perfect combination of both interpersonal and technical skills.


3.      Different Tests for Different Positions

If you are hiring candidates for different positions in different departments, you cannot just get away with making a single test for all of them. Each position and each department requires different skills for the candidates to exceed. The jobs are different and assessing all the candidates on the same skills is going to get you nowhere. Thus, make tests for them as per the job they have applied for. The best way to do this is to let each department create a test of their own using an online testing software so that they are able to find the right candidates for each role.

Online testing, contrary to popular beliefs, can also be used to assess the professional skills of a candidate. All you need to take care of is the fact that you should prepare tests according to the position they are applying for. Different professional positions require different skills. Therefore, you cannot use the same scale to evaluate all the candidates. With the right online testing software, you will be able to get the job done in an effective manner.

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