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Top Tips to Create the Best Online Tests

Testing has long been used to assess the knowledge and expertise someone has regarding a specific topic or field. Throw in an assessment and you will get to know if you were successful in transferring knowledge to your students or not. Exams are usually held in the same old way constituting pen and paper. Do you know there is a much more engaging, convenient and effective way to conduct exams today? We are talking about online testing. There are a number of quiz makers out there today that can be used to create tests in an efficient manner.

If you have decided to take the online path to create tests for your students, here are the best practices you should keep in mind while using the test creator software.


1.      Keep it Short and Simple

When you are creating an online test, make sure to keep the questions concise, simple, and clear. The more concise you are with your questions, the better it is. Use plain wording that can be easily understood by the students. It is also suggested not to use any industry-specific or scientific jargons when making questions as it makes the questions difficult to understand. Keep the five W’s in mind when you are formulating questions and don’t use redundant information unless it is necessary to understand the context.


2.      Follow a Definite Goal

Have a clear goal in mind when you are using a quiz maker to create an online test for your students. Are you looking for logical reasoning or factual answers from your students? Try to limit yourself with the knowledge area you are assessing the students on and try not to wander here and there much. Stumpers should not be included in the test as your main goal is to educate the students, not trick them into giving wrong answers.


3.      Mix Different Types of Questions

Choosing the types of questions for your students is also something to look into when you are using a test creator to create online tests. You can choose from these different types but make sure you create a mix of these questions. The more variety they have in questions, the more interesting and engaging the test would be. You can create a mix of multiple choice questions, fill in the blanks, open responses, drag and drop type questions and others. While you should use multiple types of questions, you should also make sure that there are clear guidelines provided for each kind of questions. This will allow the students to get on with the questions without wasting their time thinking what needs to be done.



With these basic tips, you will be able to make an effective test for your students using an online quiz creator. When you are choosing an online test creator, make sure you choose a reputable, reliable, and genuine source to be sure you are in safe hands. With the help of an online examination software, you will be able to make the tests more effective resulting in better evaluation of your students and the knowledge they have retained. 

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