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5 Common Classroom Management Mistakes

A critical responsibility of a teacher is to create a learning environment in class. But this is not possible in a chaotic environment. You need to manage the class to maintain a productive and positive classroom atmosphere. However, this can be a challenge for most teachers.

This article has been written to help you better manage your class. Here we have listed five common mistakes teachers make that results in a disruptive classroom environment. Avoiding the mistakes mentioned here will help you to manage your class effectively.

1. Expecting Students to Follow Rules

Rules are important to make individuals behave in a particular manner. However, the rules need to be enforced rather than expecting them to be followed. Most teachers assume that once a rule is made it will be automatically followed by the class. But this does not happen.

In order to effectively manage the class, it's important that you regularly communicate to the students what's expected of them. The rules should be stated like the ten commandments; short and concise. They should be easy for students to remember.

In addition, go over the rules during the class at the start of the session or even at the start of every month. You should also consider taking a quiz about classroom behavior using an examination software showing the answer at the end of the quiz. This will ensure that the students know the exact rules and don't make the excuse of not knowing about classroom rules.

2. Being Inconsistent with Implementation of Rules

Another mistake some teachers make regarding classroom management is inconsistency in applying rules. In order to ensure that everyone follows the rule, you should remain consistent in its application. Make sure that all students no matter their age, gender, or race follow the rules.

No one should be considered outside the rules. When students see that everyone is treated in the same manner when it comes to following rules, they are more likely to follow them.

3. Not Intervening Quickly

Yet another common mistake when it comes to classroom management is waiting too long to take action. When a teacher dons not intervene quickly and lets a rude behavior go unchecked, other students will grow confident and start creating disturbances. You need to address any unruly behavior in a calm and disciplined manner.

4. Not Following Through

Lastly, a lot of teachers make the mistake of not following through on action against unruly students. The student is threatened but then no disciplinary action is taken. This action may also embolden other students to break the rules in class. When students will see that no action is taken against the rule breakers, they will not feel any fear in breaking themselves. That's why you need to nip any unruly action in the bud otherwise you will find it difficult to manage the class.


We all make mistakes when it comes to classroom management. However, it's important to learn from the mistakes. Make sure that you avoid the mistakes mentioned above to ensure effective classroom management.  

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