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Reasons why major examinations all around the world going online

As the world moves towards digitalization, things are slowly moving from physical to virtual. This includes everything—an individual’s data, a big organization’s records, and the academic systems used in educational institutes.


With this, the companies and institutes today have gone more into standardized online exams than paper-based assessments. A lot of prestigious tests have gone from being paper-based to online in which the tests are made using different online testing software. 


The first exam to go online was GRE in the year 1993. GMAT and CAT followed GRE by going online in 1997 and 2009 respectively. Later on, GATE caught on the bandwagon too. All this is because as an examination body, your ultimate goal is to encourage more and more people to take exams while keeping things easy and manageable for yourself (organization).


Teaching and Assessment Trends

A rise in the usage of the latest technologies and gadgets has made it easy for the institutes to move to an online setup. In fact, a majority of the educational institutes today are equipped with computers and use a learning management system (LMS) for teaching purposes.


This doesn’t only encourage learners to learn from the comfort of their homes but also eliminates all the hassle and effort that the educators have to put into organizing and managing physical classes and tests.  A U.S. News article suggests that the number of students studying on-campus dropped by 6.4% between the years 2012 and 2016.


This is the reason even the toughest exams such as GRE, GMAT, GATE, and CAT have gone online, and you too can introduce the same in your organization. The tests can be created using an online test maker. While online tests steal the space from students to cheat, they make the evaluation part a lot easier for the educators.

Reasons to Adopt Online Testing Format


1.       If you use a test creator, you are presented with a range of options when creating a test. There are multiple levels you can use and different nature of questions you can add. This way you get to cover vast resources and incorporate multiple references too.

2.       You can make your exams different by adding an animation or simulation for students to observe and answer the questions related to them. This is probably the only way you can make an exam a bit interesting.

3.       You play your role in preserving the environment by preventing the wastage of paper used in printing paper-based tests. This will also limit your costs.


4.       The online exam software packages provide convenience and offer a lot of flexibility. You can create and schedule an exam and allow the students to take it anytime on a particular day. This means increased accessibility and participation from the students because of added comfort.


5.       As an administrator, you will thank yourself for trusting the test makers and switching to an online testing system. This is because you don’t have to spend time and energy on printing and distributing the papers, invigilating the students, and/or checking the copies one by one. The grading process will get faster too.


Conclusively, online testing software and the tests themselves have made the world a far better place for both the learners and educators. All the benefits discussed above make for the force that is compelling authorities to move different professional and high-status tests online.



So, why not you give this option a try too? Make a quiz today!

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