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Explanation of Summative Assessments

Teachers have to make different types of assessments. One of the most important assessment types is a summative assessment. This is a particularly confusing term for those that have newly joined the teaching profession.

What exactly is a summative assessment? How does it differ from other types of assessment? You will know about the answers here in this article.

Summative Assessment: An Overview

Summative assessment refers to a type of test that takes place at the end of a course or a part of course. The aim of the tests is to evaluate the cumulative knowledge of the students. The tests evaluate the knowledge gathered from taking the course.

In summative assessments, a teacher can take a test to gauge the student's understanding of concepts taught during the entire week or the entire semester. They test how much information the student has retained from the course.

Importance of Summative Assessments

Test Students Critical Thinking Ability

Summative assessments test the students critical thinking ability. Students use the information retained up to the point of the test to solve problems. They have to do serious reflecting in order to answer questions in a summative assessment. These tests are also perfect to prepare students for the next class. The tests act like a bridge connecting students from one class to another.

Track Progress of Students

Teachers can use summative assessments to test the progress of students during or at the end of the course. They act as a benchmark against which the learning of the students is checked.

Create Improvements in Curricula

The assessments are important not just for the teachers but the school management. These assessments contribute to improving the curriculum. The tests will help school management to know about the gaps in the teaching methodology. This information will in turn help in improving the curriculum and teaching methods.

Create Accountability

Summative assessments create accountability. Teachers are often appraised how the students perform in the summative assessment. Due to the high-stakes nature of these assessments, teachers need to make sure that they prepare students effectively so that they are able to get good scores.

Strategies to Improve Students' Summative Assessment Results

Various strategies can be applied to get students to improve their results. One strategy is to use an online test maker to create short quizzes once a week.

Another tip is to encourage students to take active participation in class. The passive mode of teaching is largely ineffective in imparting knowledge. Consider letting the students take an active part in the class. An effective way to do that is through group presentations and case studies.

The important thing is that teachers should make learning easy for students. Don't overburden them with lots of homework. Consider the confining learning to school. If you have to give homework, it should be easy and should not take a lot of time to complete.


In conclusion, you should make sure that the students are fully prepared to ace summative assessments. This can be in the form of weekly formative assessments, case studies, or even filed trips if required. Any technique that could increase the student's comprehension and understanding of the subject matter should be fully employed. 

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