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Benefits of Using Online Testing in Teaching

The presence of online testing software in today’s age has undoubtedly revolutionized the teaching techniques and methodologies. The teachers are able to create tests using online exam software and schedule the exams without having to spend time printing and distributing, unlike conventional examinations. Moreover, the grading procedure has significantly shortened and improved as the quizzes and tests are not to be manually checked when you use an examination software. Today, from making a quiz to distributing and grading, everything can be easily done using a simple test maker online.

While in this article we will be focused on the reasons teachers like the idea of online exams, there are several benefits of online exams for students as well.

How Teachers Benefit From Online Exams

1.      You Don’t Have to Teach Yourself to Use this technology

Every new technology or technological update comes with its own learning curve. This implies that in order to adopt a technology, you have to first learn how to use it.But that’s not the case when it comes to online test creators.

Using technology can be frustrating for a lot of senior educators or teachers who are not much into using gadgets. The good news is that making a quiz or a test using an examination software doesn’t require you to learn to use it. They are very easy-to-use from the very beginning and don’t require downloading or coding. In fact, most software packages you use will themselves guide you through the procedure. What more could you, as a teacher, ask for?

2.      The Technology Helps You Save a Lot of Your Precious Time and Effort

Without having to put in a lot of time and effort, you can use the questions stored in the question bank or those that you have used before to create any tests online.

This means that instead of writing a new paper for each semester or term-exams, you can simply go to your online test creator and choose as many questions as you want from the existing items.

Nonetheless, this is not the only way you save your time using such an examination software. You will also be given an automatic grading feature so you don’t have to stress over checking hundreds of copies individually and providing feedback to every learner. The software will do everything for you.

3.      Online Testing Is Safe

Security is important regardless of the type of exam, course, or institute it is. By security, we mean two types of protection:

·         To prevent cheating—in other terms, the security of the test itself

·         Protection of the data collected online, i.e., confidentiality of the students’ particulars, marks, and grades

Online test makers give you different options to prevent cheating. You can choose to randomize the order of the questions for every participant, create multiple versions of a test, and shuffle the answers, etc. by simply checking the features you need. 

On the other hand, data safety is ensured with added password protection, privacy options, and more.  So, with an online exam software, you can be sure that both the exam and the data are safe.



If you still don’t trust the idea of online testing, try to make a quiz or a test using an online test creator and let your students take it. We are sure there will be no going back after that! 

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