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How Digital Assessment Options Can Benefit Teachers

Unquestionably, digital assessment tools that come with online exam software packages have enabled teachers to deliver better learning experiences. Online technologies are being invented every day, and paper-based tasks are losing their essence and importance. This is especially helping teachers and students by providing improved methodologies for teaching and learning. Online testing software tools have been able to persuade institutions to adopt them because they are environment-friendly, cost-effective, and convenient. 


While we often hear about the benefits of online test creators on students’ learning, the benefits this option brings to the teachers are still not well-known. Today, we’ll discuss the latter!

4 Ways Online Quiz Software Improve the Life of Teachers

1.     Turning Exams into Games

There are several test makers that allow you to gamify dull and boring exams. In other words, these tools take on the “learn with fun” motto and help teachers create exams in the form of games. A gamified exam can be based on multiple choice questions or other options that a platform allows for.


These tools even enable teachers to upload media files or images/graphics to create unique games of their own. While these tests can be used for individual testing, they can be even more effective for group activities and tests.


A survey shows that most U.S. teachers using online examination software packages agree to the fact that gamified exams result in 100% engagement in the classrooms.


2.     Real-Time Feedback

Online quiz software and the associated digital assessment tools enable the instant feedback system for students. The tools allow educators to get real-time insights into a student’s test just like they can enable you to create tests in minutes and share them. As a teacher, you are given the option to instantly send feedback to the students based on automatically-generated test results. Furthermore, most online test makers are user-friendly (for both students and teachers) and are intentionally made colorful to keep the students engaged.


3.     Progress Reports

In addition to the amazing features discussed above, test creators also allow you to gather student data to analyze their overall progress. These tools are comprehensive and help teachers fully comprehend the current position of their students in terms of progress.  You will be able to see the progress in two forms mostly, i.e., students mode and graph mode. The former enables students to track and learn from their mistakes, while the latter makes it possible for the teachers to see how students are making their decisions and where the students stand.


4.     Survey-Based Review

Most online examination software packages have a feature which enables teachers to create survey-based reviews or assessments just as Google Forms do. The Google Forms have multiple options for teachers to create MCQ-based surveys and add images and videos quickly. The teachers who create such a survey will also be able to add co-teachers to collaborate and work on a survey.



Online examination software packages bring digital assessment tools for teachers to make the grading and evaluation task much easier and less time-consuming. This, of course, is something that paper-based tests can NEVER allow.  

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