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How Online Testing Helps With Formative Assessment

Online quiz creators that are available today have been benefiting both teachers and students to improve learning and teaching methodologies. These quizzes allow students to catch up with the pace and learn more as they enable the teachers to give small quizzes or tests every so often. Since these quizzes can be accessed and practiced online, this approach also allows learners and teachers to have spare time for other activities in the class or outside.


Here we will discuss some important uses and benefits of practicing online quizzes created through online exam software packages.

How Online Practice Quizzes Help Students

Online quiz makers or test creators help students learn better because of the following reasons:


·        Less Stress, More Learning

With online tests, students don’t have to go home worrying about how many answers in a test were correct and what the answers to the questions were. The quiz software package will tell this right there and then, and the students get to learn a lot this way. In addition to helping students identify their mistakes and improving learning, this feature ensures that students are more relaxed and less stressed as they don’t have to spend hours and days wondering what the test results might come out to be.

·        Learning Goals

Online quiz makers are focused on those aspects of the learning goals that students overlook otherwise. For example, English students can identify the difference between “analogy” and “metaphor”, while Spanish students might realize it is important to develop an accent for some words.

·        Justifications/Feedback

With this testing system, teachers can provide detailed justification or feedback to the students for each error identified in the test. This way, the pupils don’t only get to know what is wrong but also learn how a mistake could be corrected. They learn to do the right thing through a formative assessment, which online test creators help greatly in.


·        Humiliation

Since online test makers keep things private for each student, the students don’t have to feel bad about their mistakes being publicly discussed or pointed out. No pupil knows what goes on with the others. This can help build confidence.


·        Learning Strategy

Based on the scores of students, teachers can analyze the weak points and the areas in which students excel. They can choose an alternate teaching strategy for each student to help them overcome the weaknesses.  This is how real-time data improves the process of formative assessment.

·        Time-Saving

With the use of an online testing software package, the teachers don’t have to go to each student physically to collect or check the tests. Instead, based on the final results, they can just discuss common mistakes and help students overcome those. This means more interaction, better learning, and of course, more time-saving.

·        Progress Reports

The examination software you use doesn’t only allow you to check your students’ progress but also enables the students themselves to see the scores and progress. A fall in performance or a lagging that is identified will compel the students to thrive to improve their results.  Moreover, the teachers will also be able to notice specific patterns of mistakes; for example, some students may display high performance in grammar quizzes but not in those that are based on vocabulary. The analysis can again be used to help students recover and improve.



If you aren’t already using an online test maker, introduce it today, and see how it changes your life and your students’ lives. 

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