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How Online Quizzes Enhance Marketing Strategy

Quizzes are usually used for entertainment or fun, as well as to kill time. However, a lot of businesses have started to recognize their effectiveness as a marketing tool. They produce great results in promoting products and services. Online quizzes can also impact how your customers view the company’s services and products.

To change the perception of the company, you can make a quiz that explains the process of the firm’s services clearly. Brandeis University and Z Gallerie have been known to develop use quiz creators to help end any confusion of the company’s services. Based on their answers, the quiz also gave them a customized solution to their problems. This is just one basic way quiz creators can be used to establish a certain perception of the company.

Removes Confusion

It is important to make a quiz that is aimed to remove any hesitancy the client has in approaching the business. Quiz creators can help you set the client at ease about the product, as well as make things simpler for him to understand the whole process. This will impact the number of sales you make since the client is more at ease about approaching the company.

Brandeis University merely used a quiz create to reduce the stress students face when they are searching for the right program. It simplified the process of selecting the right program for the goal of their career. Based on their answers, the quiz matches them to the best possible program that suits them. This makes it easy for them to approach the university with their needs in mind.

Improves Customer Leads

Quiz creators can also improve the number of leads you generate. For example, in the case of Brandeis University, they were able to get in touch with 130 potential students. Elephant Pants is also a great example since their used the online quiz to connect the customers to their Kickstarter page. This allowed them to build a solid foundation for other projects, as well as sell their products. Such tactics allow an influx of potential customers which can amplify the profits of the company.

Gives them Options

Some business products also make people hesitant to invest in because of the overwhelming choice. Quiz creators can help make it easier for the customer to filter the choices to find the right products. For example, Birchbox designed a quiz that connected you to the right products like cosmetic items based on your skin color. It also factored in their skin goals so that they could get products which improved the condition of their skin.


Personalized suggestions also make customers feel much more secure about ordering items online. This offers the customer a very unique experience that can help them generate customer loyalty. Customer loyalty is one of the major factors in profit making so more companies need to focus on this issue. It also makes it easier to enhance the quality of customer service you are providing to the clientele.

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